Mattighatta falls, A Scenic Vacation Away From The Bustle Of The City Is Truly A Hidden Gem

mattighatta falls

Ask anyone in our city what they want and they shall tell you in a jiffy that they need a vacation. A vacation away from the bustle of the city; a break from Silk board, KR Puram and the Marthahalli traffic. A vacation to somewhere with few people and serene natural beauty. Though there are many places in Karnataka one can go to appreciate nature and find some inner peace, few are near our city and still remain not-so-mainstream. One such location is the Mattighatta falls.

mattighatta falls

Where is this Waterfall?

It is found in Sirsi in the evergreen Sahyadri mountains and the falls remain unknown to many. Located in the middle of the Western Ghats, the place is lush green and has rich flora and fauna throughout the year. The waterfalls are also called ‘Hasehalla falls’ and is often touted as the best in the region.

mattighatta falls

To reach the falls, one first has to reach the village of Hegde Katta which is about fifteen kilometers from Sirsi. From the village, one can reach the falls by riding for about twenty kilometers. The easiest way to travel in this region is by bike as the muddy roads and terrain are best traversed in a two-wheeler with buddies. The lack of publicity and the difficulties involved with travel to the location mean that there will be very few people there and you can truly enjoy nature’s beauty.

Viewing Mattighatta Falls

After reaching Mattighatta village, one has to prepare for the two-kilometer trek to Kelagina Keri. The trek is enjoyed by those who are experienced as well as novices. Be sure to wear good boots and carry essentials. Here is where you have two options to get to the place. One is to trek the hill and view the falls from the very top. The other is to trek downhill towards the stream and to walk in the stream towards the beautiful falls. When we mentioned walking “in” the stream, we meant exactly that. The banks are rocky, muddy and hard to walk on because of the vegetation. Be ready to hop onto boulders and get your feet wet – literally and figuratively.

mattighatta falls

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More for the Planners

The place is best visited sometime in the winter season from November as the treks are easier with the terrain being less slippery and muddy. The majestic wonder of the falls even during winter cannot be denied and the view of the valley is something that will make your heart skip a beat. Be sure to carry a camera as the place has a variety of endangered birds and butterflies which are beautiful. The areca nut plantations and the rock formations have a beauty that cannot really be explained in words. The adventure seekers can try trekking in the rainy season when the waterfalls are in its full glory but that isn’t recommended due to the dangers involved.

mattighatta falls

Be sure to add Mattighatta falls to your bucket list. Experience the Siddi hospitality and culture while you’re in the region appreciating nature. The mountains, valleys, and rivers here are magical and give one a sense of fulfillment and extreme happiness that words will fail to express.

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