Useful Tips To Consider For A Smoother Trip In San Francisco

source: usnews&worldreport

Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro-tourist in San Francisco, it’s essential to remember some necessary things.

According to the San Francisco Travel Association, 25.8 millions of tourists visit the city in 2018. With this massive number of visitors yearly, it’s indeed that San Francisco is loved by many.


Beautiful neighborhoods, delicious foods to offer, a fantastic place to visit, and exciting activities to try, San Francisco will always be one of the busiest cities in CA.

So to make your trip memorable and hassle-free, below are the following useful tips to consider if you’re planning to visit the city of San Francisco.

1. Wear an Appropriate Dress

As you may know, San Francisco is well-known for its weather (microclimates). So, if you want to have a smoother trip while you’re in the city, make sure to wear a couple of clothes layers. Because fogs and sea can make the city breeze colder. And at the same time, the sun will come out at any time of the day. So make sure to wear only light layers of clothes to make you more comfortable as you stroll the city.


If you want to have a hassle-free tour with the city, consider hiring a tour guide for your trip. You may want to hire Segway Tours in San Francisco, CA. They can give and update valuable information that you want to know (including the current weather, of course!)

2. Search for the Hashtags Online

If you want to discover hidden delicacies, foods, and places to visit, make sure to search for these following hashtags online (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram):



#sfbrunch (trivia: the citizen of San Francisco loves their brunch menus)

#igersSF (if you want to discover hidden discoveries in the city



Using the following hashtags, you may discover different places and food that most citizen of San Francisco will only know. So if you also want to experience those, make sure to utilize these hashtags more often. You may also discover certain places to visit like Fort Funston, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, or Alta Plaza Park for the Pug Sunday.

But of course, if you want to know all the amenities, parks, and exciting discoveries in San Francisco, consider hiring a tourist guide from Segway Tours in San Francisco, CA.

3. Don’t Forget to Wear Your Most Comfy Shoes!

Wearing your favorite pair of comfy shoes will save your feet from the whole trip to the city. San Francisco is also known as a city of walkers, so you’re doing a lot of walks all over the city, and you’ll also experience hill climbing. Also, don’t forget to wear sunglasses, it serves as your eyes protection from the debris mixed up to the air.

Make your city tour hassle-free, smoother, and exciting by following these essential tips. From wearing an appropriate dress, searching hashtags online, and wearing comfy shoes, these tips will surely make your San Francisco tour a fun and memorable one!