Twitter is filled With Jokes And Memes After New Traffic Rules Are Terrifying The Commuters

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New Traffic rules under Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 is being implemented in many states which have horrified the commuters in the country. The most common traffic violations have been brought with strict penalties. Offenses such as drunk driving, unauthorized use of vehicles, driving licenses, disobeying traffic laws, etc are under great punishment.

New and Strict Penalties

The Lok Sabha passed a bill based on voice vote for increasing the traffic penalties. According to the revised penalty, riding a two-wheeler without a helmet and driving four-wheeler without wearing a seat belt will cost you a fine of Rs 1,000 rather than Rs 100, driving without a license will cost Rs 5,000 as against the previous fine of Rs 500. Riding without a helmet can also lead to disqualification of license for three months.


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In a recent scenario, a Guy from Gurgaon has been fined Rs 23,000 for having no records and license. The man who was also not wearing a helmet claimed that his vehicle was worth Rs 15,000 lesser than his penalty. The rise in the traffic penalties has also urged people in twitter to react with memes and jokes.

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