Top 7 apps for CEO to do more with less time

CEO hacks

Various Smartphone’s and iPads are helping the CEO’S to change their way of doing business. Some of the best apps for CEO to manage the business in smart ways are:


This app helps the CEO’s to sync their credit cards and keep a track on all the purchase detail, record all the electronic receipts pulls, scan the paper receipts and from a PDF report for the accounts department.



Omni Focus app is basically a task manager which helps the CEO’s to keep a track of all their projects, person, place, date and also keep reminding them about their deadlines.



An obsolete way to swap the business cards in meetings and conferences has now been taken over by a smart app known as Cam Card. The app user just has to take a snap of the card and the work is done.


Quick notes in the form of voice, text or picture can be made through this app. This app helps the users to remember their ideas, thoughts and make notes easily while they are in the middle of some presentation or meetings.



Proper presentation is an essential step for any business. Roambi helps the user to transform a business report of any essential data into stylish visual files on the phone.

Scanner Pro


Scanner Pro is an app for scanning necessary documents with the help of the camera. Not only it scans and saves the documents perfectly but it can also form documents in the required format like a PDF, and can also adjust the quality of the camera as per the requirement.

Quick office, Documents to Go
There are times when people are traveling or are busy somewhere where they cannot access the laptop. This is where Quick office helps the person to use Ms Office on their phones and easily view the presentations or the word spreadsheets.

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