Everything You Need to Know About Profit League

If you’ve been keen on the latest trends in internet marketing, you may have come across the name Profit League.

Founded in early 2018 by Jeff Samis and his wife Jess, Profit League is an online course that teaches you how to maximize Click Funnels and Facebook Ads, for high marketing effectiveness and profitability.


How it Works

When you visit the Profit League website, you land on a page with two buttons named; “Proof” and “Apply.”

The “Proof” button takes you to a page with a string of videos with detailed information of how Profit League works. This page also includes reviews from people who are currently having success with the program.

The “Apply” button also takes you to another lengthy video welcoming you to Profit League and ends with a Call to Action below the page. This Call to Action involves filling in your details and booking the date and time to get a call from one of the successful members of the program.


To emphasize their strictness to schedule, if you miss their phone t call you will have to book again through the process explained above. The call lasts typically about an hour depending on the number of questions you will have and the depth of your understanding of the concept.

As a Profit League member, you will also go through four phases of building your business,

  1.  Client Acquisition
  2.  Client Fulfillment
  3.  Operations
  4.  Scale

Once you gain this knowledge, you will be able to build your leads to run on your ad campaigns. For your customers to be able to receive your campaigns, you will also need to have a landing a page that allows them to subscribe.


You can also get more information as detailed by Rick, a Chicago native who has done a great review of Profit League.

Tools and Training at Profit League

Once you sign up to the program, you will g to a dashboard with tools to help you create and run your ad campaigns. The training will include conversion, traffic, scripts, over twenty campaigns, and live weekly coaching webinars.


To make any conversions, you need to drive traffic to your websites and ads. At Profit League, they will teach you how to attract more traffic to your website and advertisements.



Profit League also teaches members how to convert the traffic generated into sales. Traffic conversion is an essential part of realizing success in internet marketing.


Profit League teaches you how to embed scripts in your website contact forms, email campaigns as well as Google and Facebook ad campaigns. These scripts are somewhat necessary when curating content for various marketing campaigns with a huge targeted audience.


The program at Profit League also comes with over 20 campaign templates ready for you to use. You will only need to fill in some blanks with relevant information and run the campaign. This strategy works best when you have already generated some leads.

Coaching Webinars

Jeff and Jess continually update the content of this program with weekly coaching webinars to help you in your learning journey. These updates also ensure you stay up to date with the latest trends in the business to remain profitable.


Cost of the Program

To join the Profit League program, you will need to part away with one-dollar shy of $4,000. That’s right; the program costs precisely $3,999 with NO money-back guarantee.


Profit League is a legit online school that teaches one how to become a profitable internet marketer using ad campaigns and lead generation. However, the registration fee has been widely termed as too high by many interested students as well as internet marketing specialists.