Top 13 Video Making Apps, That Can Help Get the Most Out of their Multimedia Projects

Are you still trying to find the best video editing software to use for a multimedia project? Video editing doesn’t have to be that hard, especially when people have knowledge of powerful video editors. Check this list of the top 13 video making apps to help you get a niche for video editing, and to get an understanding of the most appropriate software to use during the practice of multimedia. The top video making apps are PowerDirector all the way to Lapselt. Whatever the project, if it’s advertising or creating educational videos, this list has got anyone covered for their needs. Some of them are free to use, as some offer better services if paid for. Then a few apps on the list are completely paid-for apps, but with the most powerful and epic features that are useful for anyone. Not to mention how much time people save when using these apps. This list is highly recommended for multi-media students.

What Video Making Apps Can Help Get the Most Out of their Multimedia Projects

Until recently, it was only possible to create attractive videos with help from a professional. In order to create a high-quality video, people were required to send their details to professionals and pay a lot of money. This problem is no longer the case due to the high availability of video editors for smartphones and laptops, out there. These apps can enable you to create that desired professional display. And to achieve that final product that you’ve always wanted to post on social media or YouTube.


Video editing

Making videos for studying purposes is a fun idea to grasp, that help any student with her or her studies. Because creating a video on a subject you must learn about, means that studying the topic is the first thing to do. Then apply what has been learned in a video. This is a way of teaching. Other ways of participating in studies include expanding your knowledge with essay writing like EssayPro. Another way is to become a private tutor and teach students in person. This also expands the knowledge of others.

Video editing

Some educational video topics could be hard to produce. As creators could be clueless in their planning. For example, creating a video about punctuation and quotation marks will be useful to those who are studying for their English Literature exams. With the revised information at hand, anyone has the ability to start their own internet series focusing on the educational ordeals that many students face in their academic years. Regardless of which level they are at.

 Top Video Making Apps

With these epic video editors, it is possible to create a masterpiece that is engaging and interesting. Then, upload it onto YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Many of these apps are on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. Stick around, we’ll show you the top video editing apps that can cater for anything from a DJ to an online educator. Regardless of this, checking this list can give anyone the perfect niche for improving their video making skills!


PowerDirector Video Editor

This epic app offers a timeline interface with some user controls. There are 30 effects and transitions to add to the video that can enable you to create professional looking videos within a few minutes. The green screen function is great for those who wish to add backgrounds to their videos. The paid version of the app allows the removal of watermarks and ads. As well as the ability to encode in 1080p to 4K resolutions. And it is possible to install it on Android 4.3 and up!


Magisto is a video editor that allows turning images and videos into stories. With the ability to add a tune from their music library. The app offers numerous themes for editing, known as to choose from, known as “editing styles”. It is free for Android and iOS users. Magiso also offers a premium service that allows the reordering of scenes to create an excellent movie.


FIlmoraGo is an app that is available for Android. It offers the ability to choose different styles of encoding, 1:1 for Instagram, 16:9 for Youtube. As well as the main functions editors have: trimming clips and cutting. It is possible to choose from a selection of different themes and to add music. They offer different settings to apply to the video including transitions, slow motion, and text. There is also a paid version of FilmoraGo that offers a lot more.



Quik is an Android app that allows its users to select up to 50 photos and video clips at a time. The app then creates a short video from the provided images and clips. It is also possible to choose a video style, there are dozens offered. Then users can re-order them and change the video to make it the way they want it to be. All the features of this app are free, and there is no premium version of this app.

Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram

This app is great for those who are YouTube or Instagram goers who wish to produce high-quality content. The app is free to install with no paid version. It includes engaging effects such as animations, live video effects, and slideshows. The ability to format 16:9, squared content is available making it perfect for posting to Instagram. The app is most helpful in creating short videos. This is good for brief educational videos for YouTube, too.


VivaVideo editor allows its users to transform those cell phone videos into professional clips that can be instantly shared onto social media. The app, itself, posses 20 special effects that are created to match well with editing short videos. The ability to loop videos is also offered, which can be funny to watch. The app is completely free, with no paid version available. This makes the perfect videos to share with friends or followers on social apps.



This user-friendly desktop application allows “heavy editing” on projects. It is known to save people so much time when it comes to video editing. The app offers high precision clip editing, the possibility to remove audio and video to edit separately, and rich animation features. The app costs $199, but this is a one-off payment that creates a membership that lasts for life. The software is available for Windows and Macs.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X possess many exciting features. This editing tool is only available for Apple. Its basic functions are trimming videos, adding captions and special effects, as well as adjusting color. Something very cool about this app is that it is capable of 360-degree editing which is excellent for those who wish to remove camera rigs and straighten the horizon. Another one of its functions is that the outcome is studio quality with both 2D and 3D files.

Luma Fusion

This powerful video maker is used by professionals. Its key features are dozens of transitions that include dissolves, slides, pushes, wipes, flash, and zoom blur. There is a royalty free music library included in this package that is great for those who require using it. As well as audio effects. It is possible to speed up or slow down videos. There is a multi-layer title tool available that offers shapes and the use of images. The app exports to the cloud as well as locally, on an internal hard disk.


Shakr is great for those who seek a large library of high-quality video design templates that are copyright free. Some of them include Facebook Advertisement templates. Their designs have all got high conversion rates. It is possible to add images, clips, and custom text to the video. This app is very good for businesses who made videos with specific advertising purposes. The fee for using this app begins at $79 per month. It is all worth it because this allows users to use their royalty free music, and access to thousands of stock images.



Lapselt is a simple, easy-to-use video editing application that allows users to create timelapse videos, which is good for social media. With the ability to add music and filter effects, there is also an excellent trimming system in place. This application is available at iOS and Android and it is free. The paid version starts at $2.99 per month. It comes a lot more features that allow users to create videos with much higher resolution.


This editing tool is fast, it’s a good choice for those who lack time. It allows users to record videos directly onto the video editor app, which is pretty cool. It also allows the imports of cell phone’s library. The functions allow users to add themes, filters and special effects. Some of these effects are very good for Instagram Story Ad Creation or Facebook Advertisements. This app is great for people involved in marketing and those who wish to create interesting videos for media sharing websites.


All these video creation apps are great to help students get the most out of their multimedia projects. It is always good to use the most appropriate application for a project. They are great for helping to create interesting social media advertisements or educational videos for any audiences. Regardless of the material you’re creating, remember to keep it interesting for the viewers with some epic special effects.