Meet Ujwal, Probably A 18 Year Old Editor Of KGF Chapter 2

Speaking to Public TV head H R Ranganath, Yash talks about his upcoming film, KGF: Chapter 2, and reveals how a young boy got into his team based on his editing skills.

Fan turned editor

The KGF movie is quite a brand in itself and fans simply can’t wait for the big moment when chapter 2 of the film will hit the theaters on April 14. The success of the movie does not revolve around only Yash and Prashanth Neel, the team also deserves every bit of applause for making this franchise a world-level movie.


During KGF: Chapter 2 promotion Yash talked about his film editors whose skills were best used in the film. He also talked about a young fanboy who was brought into the team looking at his editing skill. Surprisingly, after 3 years he is a professional editor, revealed the Rocking Star.

“One of our editors is a small kid. His name is Ujwal. I saw him in a picture where he was celebrating the release of KGF: Chapter 1 by cutting a cake. The picture was from a theater and I asked Ujwal if it was him. And the boy said yes,” revealed Yash.

Hard work pays off

The Rocking Star further explains how the film director recognized his editing skills and got him on board.


“Initially, Prashanth Neel’s wife recognized Ujwal’s small video on KGF. After being impressed with the skills, Prashanth went after the kid and gave him a chance to work for the franchise. The boy was trained for three years with the KGF director and now he has blossomed as an expert editor,” revealed Yash.

Here is the video from Ujwal: