10 Ultimate Reasons Why A Group Of 3 Friends is Always Special

three friends

We always see movies and TV serials on friendship with a group of three friends and many times in schools and colleges also we experience that group of three friends is perfect. But have you ever thought why?

Here are 10 reasons why a group of 3 friends is always special!

1. Ultimate balance

When you have a disagreement with one friend, the other can always work as a peacemaker. So that ways you always have support for the each one of you, isn’t that fantastic? There will always be one friend who can take the command of the situation whenever needed. All are fantastic in the world of three!!


2. More stuff to share

Having three people in a group means multiple things to share from books to clothes and gadgets of all kinds. After all, sharing is caring and three increases the variety in the group. From wearing your best friend’s t-shirt to taking those headphones, variety is everywhere

3. Bigger family, better family

While 2 can be too less and 4 can be a crowd, 3 friends make a perfect number of the family called friends. While our parents and siblings are important, there are things we can only share with our close friends and three is a perfect number.

three friends

4. Fun and games

There are a lot of indoor games which are more fun if there are more than two people to play it. While the two friends can get bored together, third gets in all the spice we need. Even in the outdoor games, one friend can always be an honest referee.


5. Sharing the trouble

Suppose you are at a function and one of your best friends is busy and can’t give you time, whose there at your rescue? Your second best friend who will not leave you alone and you will always have someone by your side.

6. Parties become pocket-friendly

When you have more people to pool in money for parties and weekend getaways, the budget is always friendly. While you have the most fun having your two best friends by your side, you can make better plans and have maximum fun.

7. Maturity in friendship

We often see, that in the case of two friends, there are more jealousies and over possessiveness. Hence a team of three is more mature to deal with the childish behaviors we possess as far as friendship is concerned. We understand that friendship can be equally beautiful without being over possessive about just one person. When there is a team of three, there is always a better emotional balance and understanding.


three friends

8. Better decision making

AT times one person’s opinion is not enough. We need a third person’s opinion to break the confusion about any decision we wish to take. How perfect it is to have two best friends who can always give another perspective on any given subject of life. Better than having one person outlook is to have a third member who wishes for our best under all circumstances.

9. Happiness and misery

We say sharing happiness multiplies. Imagine having two best friends to share your accomplishments, blessings, achievements and every joy that you feel? It’s like a mini power-packed team which has your back. You don’t have one shoulder to cry on about your bad day or a bad date but two ears to listen to you and set up your mood again. It can’t get better than this bruh! Three definitely is a lucky number.*wink –wink*

three friends

10. Going on adventures

The fun of going on different sorts of adventures increases when you have a group of three, from camping to long drives and from skydiving to bungee jumping, even when you are planning a bag pack trips, the group of three friends is undoubtedly more fun.


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