Unique Diwali Gift Ideas For Unique People

diwali gift ideas

This Diwali gift your loved ones some unique Diwali gifts. But the option is open for you too! With a change of generation, come out with some interesting Diwali gifts this time. Surprise your friends and family by decorating your home in a different manner. Let’s make the people around us feel special.

Here are some quirky Diwali gift ideas for you…


1. Hand Painted Diwali Diyas

Diwali word itself means festival of Diyas. It’s impossible to think about Diwali without lighting Diyas. We all are doing this from our childhood but this time say bye! bye! to the old fashioned single-colored Diyas. and get home some multi-colored handpainted ones from many online sellers as well as the start-up that sells these handpainted lamps and provide employment to many women.

source: buzzingbubs

2. Multicolored handcrafted Table Lantern

Table lanterns are on trend now. Don’t you want to keep one in your home too?
This handcrafted glass piece will glow your room with all the colors. Its circular shape helps in spreading light from all the directions and yes your happiness too. Get these and glow your room. In fact, nowadays you get many such table lamps that are made of recycled products and are eco-friendly too. So I would suggest investing in such thoughtful gifts as they are environment-friendly.

3. Wax Candles

The delicate fragrance of these scented candles will soothe all the guests coming in. Its aroma will ease your mind and energize your body. Unique designs will you a conversation starter piece and the scented candles will make your guests feel good and will Don’t forget us then.


source: snapdeal

4. Ceiling Lamp

What are the ceiling lamps? Oh! The string lights which lights up the whole house and also add an aesthetic look to it at the same time.

These hanging lights come in many varieties and the ones in solid colors will give your home a solid look for sure. And if in case you don’t like anyone specific color? That’s ok! We have many more too. Go and check out. And buy one for each room as they add a very fancy look to the room.

5. Bird Cage Showpiece

Of course, for the festive decor, you don’t want to miss any corner of your house undecorated right? Get home these Gold- Toned Bird Cage showpiece with floral textured details. Do some creativity and add some fairy lights to it. Trust me half of your Diwali pictures will come from that corner.


And! And! And! you can give these as Diwali gifts to your special ones too. As these pieces will definitely look great to create a photogenic corner in your house and adding some fake flowers to it will give a Bohemian look.

6. Ganesha Showpiece

This showpiece is interesting for you as well as for the person your giving this as a Diwali Gift. The Brown and Black Lord Ganesha sitting on rocking chairs are just amazing to watch. Keep him on your window or your table, he’ll just mesmerize you by his beauty.

source: goodease

7. Embroidered Lehenga or Sherwani

Gifting traditional dress always seems to be a great option because tell me who does not like dressing up and looking great.


Am sure even you want your friends and family to look gorgeous and gifting an outfit which they would generally not buy and this gives you a reason to give them an extra wardrobe collection.

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