21 Kickass things only Engineering students can understand and relate to

engineering students

Engineering is a legendary degree and Engineers are the ultra legends we have around. It is a kind of mandatory degree in India and everything else here starts after passing out from an Engineering college. This way it has become a must-do thing after PU or Diploma. Engineers are intelligent, dumb, lazy but easily the most creative people on the globe. There are so many things that other bachelor degree students won’t do but Engineering students do and the way to it is exceptionally savage. The only thing that makes sense in the ‘bachelor of Engineering’ is the word Bachelor and the rest all is a mystery. It is truly a badass life and if you are sailing in the same boat then you will understand and relate to these Kickass Engineering things.

Masters of Procrastination

Engineering students are known for last minute preparations and the way they manage it to pass the subject is a riddle unresolved from ages. They procrastinate everything from exams, assignments, internals, to projects and deadlines. For an instance, if they are given 3 days of study holidays then they party and watch movies for 2.5 days and open the books on the night before the exam.

Engineering students

Engineering students have the power of getting up at 9:25 AM and reaching the class at 9:30 AM in style

Engineering students are a perfect combo of laziness + quick ass. The thing is that they can miss anything in the world but not the attendance. At the same time, they continue to boast their laid back attitude and this will look like an alien thing to others students who are not into Engineering.

Engineering students

Number 50 is an Emotion

The grading system in Engineering is such that one should get an average of 15 in Internals and 35 in Externals to pass the subject in the particular semester. So, Engineering students are more attached to this number 50 (35+15). Getting an average of 15 in Internals is an ultimate thing to them and the circus they do to get it is an amazing phenomenon indeed.

engineering students

You are an Alien if you have passed M1 and M2 in your first attempt

For Engineers, every course apart from Engineering is easy. They are so intelligent that they can explain a movie like ‘Interstellar’ to you with data and graph but they can’t get a passing mark in M1 and M2. A number of Engineering students flunking in Mathematics is so high in number that you can create a galaxy of them.

engineering students

Engineering is incomplete without Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

The memorise-write-forget type of Engineering education system in India has fuelled this kind of copy-paste culture and we all are part of it. Engineering students have such an expertise in copy-paste that they can teach you the easiest way to copy and paste the whole stuff in the quickest way possible.

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Engineering students will never study the last two units of the syllabus

A distinction student may study 7 units but most of them settle for 4 or 5 units to the maximum. However, the last benchers have a different trick. They refer the previous years’ question paper, Xerox notes, and after working really hard they prepare for 35 marks.

Lab Assistant is a life Savior

Somehow Engineering students gets friend zoned with the lab assistant and take the benefit out of it. If CS and IS students has their own agenda then Mechanic and EC students do a whole lot of scam in the lab. Our politicians have a lot to learn from Engineering students (LOL).

engineering students

Assignments are a nightmare

You should be blessed with super powers to pursue Engineering in India. Those assignments, surprise tests, projects, mini projects, class tests, fourth internal, fifth internal and what not they have to go through to be called as an ENGINEER.

engineering students
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Engineer’s Breakfast

Engineering students never have a time for full-fledged breakfast and their meals are always on the go types. When in their free time you will get to see them hanging out in bakeries and this is a very common scene in every Engineering college.

engineering things

Don’t trust the Overachievers

We all have this kind of friend who says he has not even touched his books yet end up asking 2-3 extra answer sheets in the exam hall. These kind of people are more in Engineering colleges and never ever trust these overachievers.

engineering in india
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Very Impressive Vocational Achievement (VIVA)

VIVA and Engineering is a combination made in heaven. Even if you know everything you become dumb in front of VIVA officer and he has the capability to make you so. It is a common scene for the one to come out of VIVA session and gets hounded by the rest and how!

engineering students

For every Question, there is an equal and opposite answer

Only an Engineering student knows the fact that none of the questions in the exam should be left unanswered. He has the capability to answer any kind of question, all nonsense with a hope that examiner puts pass marks for the same.

engineering students

Counterstrike, GOT, and the Hostel life

Only an Engineering student knows the essence of hostel life though he is aware that he has a sucking life there. However, hostel life is still an adorable one and it is the place where they see the other side of the life.

Engineering students

Engineering students are the lazy old monks

Under graduation is the time when life gets wacky, mad, and pathless. Engineering life is like a saltless pickle if there is no mention of the old monk. It is an unexpressed emotion with a lot of memories and stories around it. Isn’t it?

engineering things

Attendance, Attendance, and Attendance

Engineering student’s worst nightmare is teacher taking the class but not taking the attendance. Believe me, it hurts a lot because we attend classes for the sake of attendance. Am I wrong?

engineering in india

There is always a hidden folder in Engineer’s laptop

Let’s not get into details. This for ultra legendary Engineering students.

A 90% student in PU is not a 90% student in Engineering

If you don’t have a backlog in Engineering then you are not an Indian Engineering material. Yes, Engineering is such a mysterious degree that you can guess who will flunk and who will hit a jackpot. Especially VTU, an amazing ass that…. Forget.

engineering students

Every Career Objective in Engineering student’s CV is the same.

One thing that is found common in Engineering student’s CV is ‘Career Objective’ and it reads like, “ To work for an organization which provides me the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge to growth along with the organization objective.”

engineering students

Placement is a word and Placement Mela is an Emotion

You know how hard it is to get 50% attendance and 60% cut off to be eligible for the so called ‘Engineering Campus Placement.’ If placement is there at one end then there is a Placement Mela at an another end where you will be mass recruited. You will have to go to other colleges and attend all the placement process and come home with an experience of attending the placement interviews. Wow, what an amazing thing it is.

engineering students

Certificate is just a paper and seniors are always right

After passing out of the college we realize that Certificate is just a paper and what it all needed is a practical experience. Your senior is always right and transmits you the real Gyaan that you need to know.

engineering college fun

An Engineer knows nothing, but only an Engineer knows this

The four (5 or 6) years of college and hostel life accompanied by crazy friends, late night movies, Hitler like teachers, mess food, group study, baseless lecturers, half-knowledge, placement experience and a certificate are all an Engineer will take out of his undergraduate life. If he or she is really passionate about Engineering then they will learn on their own else ******* (God is there).

engineering students

With all these highs and lows of sarcasm attached to this Bachelors of Engineering, it is truly an incredible teacher of life. Engineers never hesitate to take risks and they know the art of handling the extreme ends of success and failure. This article is an ode to all the Engineering students and the passed out Engineers who are doing great work in all the fields of business, art, and culture.

Let me end this by saying that no degree will help you in defining your career. It just acts as an entry ticket. It is okay if you fail in the subject, it is not the end of your life. There is always a chance. Embrace the optimism and move on.

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