These freelancing jobs can earn you more than your main stream job

freelancing jobs

Freelancing is the new anthem around the world. There had been a huge increase in the numbers of freelancers around the globe in their respective fields. Today let us know few freelancing jobs that have a greater scope to make money.

Content writing, blogging, and marketing

Whenever you read an article or anything on the web, online or offline, the credit goes to someone or the other for writing the particular content as there is always someone sitting in front of his computer and bleeding his heart out. 2016 had witnessed a distinct increase in the numbers of employees working from home or offices in the field of content writing, blogging and marketing and even early 2017 is giving a hint that even this year the content writing will be in high demand.

Copywriting and editing

Many companies are looking for individuals in the field of writing and editing for short form content, website copy, emails, bios, application descriptions, and advertisements. There has been a massive increase in the numbers of copywriters and editors and if we look at it intensely we will see that the need still exists as the various companies are growing in shapes and sizes. The only quality that they are looking for writers and editors are they need to be highly skilled in creating and editing with great grammar and understanding of their brand voice experience in marketing.

Graphic designing

After content writing, graphic designing has been a word of talk in today’s world. There had been great need of good graphic designers in various companies varying from sector to sector. Many digital marketing companies, blogs, newspapers, and magazines are constantly looking out for talented graphic designers who holds the talent and knowledge to design beautiful graphics in said amount of time. Having a sharp knowledge of photoshop is one of the key requirement. For an instance, take a look at eComPicx

Web development

Whenever we type a web address we get redirected to the desired web page, little we realize the hard work and an effort of a web developer who has worked really hard to make that web page work well and function with ease. They specifically work in the backend and ensure that the website doesn’t go down or load slowly. It’s trending in today’s world and can make your earn decent money if you have skills and you are ready to work few hours per day.

Well, these were few of the freelancing jobs available in the market which are trending around the globe. If you wish to earn good through your skills then it’s the right time to get hold of one of these skilled jobs, learn the techniques, apply online or walk-in directly and crack the interview.



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Samir Arjun Sharma, a graduate from Mumbai University. Senior writer since many years, Novelist/writer of two books THE LAST DREAM and TEARS IN RAIN


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