Where To Seek For Freelance Writing Jobs?


Unlike a permanent full-time job, freelancers are independently looking for projects on freelance exchanges – special sites where a potential performer (freelancer) meets their potential customers. Such sites are divided into different directions: IT-sphere, construction and repair, copywriting, teaching and many others. To become a performer and get the first order, the specialist fills out a detailed questionnaire, indicating education, professional experience, and portfolio. The page and portfolio is the representation of a freelancer on the Internet. Before finally choosing a specialist for the project, the customer examines the information about the artist, his portfolio and feedback from previous clients.

How do freelancers work?

Freelance exchanges are intermediaries between the contractor and the customer. They provide, on the one hand, high competition for freelancers, and therefore, the need to grow, develop and make their projects better than others, and on the other hand, “transaction security”. The customer has confidence that the work will be completed on time and fully, and the contractor knows that the work will be paid in the agreed amount.


In this article, Vip-Writers will briefly talk about the most popular freelance writing websites.

Constant Content

It is one of the largest and most authoritative among websites for writers. With a registry of almost 70,000 professional writers who have already written hundreds of thousands of articles, Constant Content is considered an exchange with the highest quality content.
Exchange services include a large catalog of unique articles for sale, as well as the opportunity to order text writing without any risk. If you need blog posts, articles, copywriting, technical editing, SEO letters, press releases, official documents, technical letters or any other written content – go here.

Having entered Constant Content, a simple novice freelance writer will first of all be very surprised with the prices of articles. There is a store of ready-made content, in which an article can cost 80, 85 or 90 dollars.



On the iwriter, you can also earn money by writing articles. Anyone can register and start earning immediately. They promise to pay up to $15 for each written article. There is no shop of ready-to-use articles here – the exchange works on the principle of orders. The client publishes a task that can be taken by any copywriter. You can post orders and start work only after registration.


A service, where you can order texts for your site. The price tag is quite high, but it will be a plus for those who want to work here. Of course, you have to go through a serious competition to become the writer of the resource. But if you are really good at writing, you can earn good money.

Freelance writing jobs

This is a freelance exchange, tooled mainly for freelance writers. You can find a task that does not relate to copywriting directly, but one way or another connected with the text. The main disadvantage of the exchange is that there is no safe transaction, therefore, cases of fraud, when the contractor does not receive money for the work, unfortunately, occur.



This is a store of finished articles. Prices here can vary from $5 to $90 per article. For freelance writers, this is a completely free playground. That is, you do not need to pay for the registration and placement of your articles. At Articlesale you sell full article copyright, that is, your purchased work can be changed and resold. This stock is more amateur than professional, and therefore prices are generally low.


To work on this site, you must pass a language proficiency test and provide a Diploma. You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Depending on your diploma, you will be able to get more paid work.


This is another major freelancing exchange, the main direction of which was originally programming. Today it is a large-scale platform, where there are enough orders for everyone. The competition for freelance writers is above average. However, customers will be interested, because they could find writers with a low price tag here.



The U.S. labor exchange has always been and is the largest and most popular platform for freelance. Today 4 million customers and over 10 million freelancers use it. According to 2018 statistics, 2.7 million projects were published on the platform, and freelancers-members of the exchange have earned $940 million.


This is a large labor service, which brings together translators. This portal can be considered an international center where all translators in the world gather. If you speak not only English but also other languages, then this platform will be a great place to make good money. An interesting feature is that here you can not only find a job but also get help in translating complex terms, there is a forum where you can chat with colleagues. For many translators, the portal has become a place for both work and leisure.


Not the largest jobs market, but, at the same time, it is interesting with its weak competition, where you can catch great orders, including copywriting. Works since 1999.
You should not dream of a carefree life just because you change business shoes for cozy slippers: working from home or freelancing requires discipline. If you have no problems with self-organization, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and take a step towards a generous employer.