That’s Awesome! A Singer From Chennai Raised Rs 15 Lakhs To Help Struggling Musicians.

Act of kindness is a gift that some people are blessed with. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many generous souls came forward as a blessing in disguise to help the ones who have been worstly affected by this global pandemic. One of them is a singer from Chennai wh raised over Rs 15 lakh by singing live for the past 64 days to help struggling musicians, reported ANI.

Playback singer Satyan Mahalingam, who started the initiative ‘Satyan Utsav’ on Instagram and Facebook during the lockdown, says he has collected over Rs 15 lakhs so far.


Chennai Singer

He is calling the project ‘Music 4 Musicians’ to support the livelihood of people associated with the music industry.

Earlier, we used to have 40 to 45 programs within a month. Our minimum earning was Rs 50,000 and above. With the commencement of lockdown our earnings have come down to zero and we don’t know how long it will last,” Mahalingam said.

He further said, “Since I am from the music industry, I know how hard it is to survive. So, I’ve started this and able to give something to my industry. It’s my 64-day performance.” Mahalingan said: “On May 30, I sang continuously for 25 hours to collect funds to help stage light music artists.”

Artists have come forward and helped out in every way they can. This is a reminder that this world cannot do without people who entertain us and how we should always be grateful for them.