This traffic cop in Chennai is a Math teacher for a girl who lives on a footpath

Usually, our view towards the cops is not favorable, while some call them corrupt, some see them as those who have no remorse towards people. Rarely do we see a favorable view of them and their work which could be in fact one of the toughest jobs in the world.

Here we have a story of a cop. A traffic cop from Tamil Nadu who apart from doing his duties is also a math teacher to a girl who lives on the footpath. S Mahendra, who has been serving as a Traffic cop in Chennai is a math teacher to Deepika who currently studies in Class 7. She lives on the footpath with her family at the C1 Flower Bazaar police booth in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


The Video has been captured by the Indian Express and has surfaced online and it’s quite a view to watch.

Other such incidents can be of a cop in Bengaluru who teaches maths for migrant kids, a cop in Dhanbad has been helping Govt school students helps improve their math skills among others.

Source: The Indian Express