Swara Bhasker Breaks Down As She Sends SOS Appeal In Social Media, Later Informs Her Family Is Safe

source: twitter

Dozens of masked mob on Sunday entered the JNU campus and assaulted several students and professors with sticks and rods. Even though the police have taken the area under control but the sense of sorrow is still ranging in the campus. Amid the chaos, Swara Bhasker, the Bollywood Diva whose mother Ira Bhaskar is a professor at the JNU, took to Twitter to request to the people on social media to reach the campus and pressurize the government to control the situation.

An SOS call from Swara 

The actress tweeted a video in which she broke down and talked about the violence. She was seen pleading to the people to assemble in large numbers outside the JNU gate to show their support against the attack.


Swara said in the video, “This is an urgent SOS sort of appeal, even as we speak right now there is a terror attack on JNU by goons who are allegedly ABVP and RSS backed goons.”

She also said, “The goons are assaulting teachers’ residences also, this is very personal to me, my parents live on campus.”

Her parents were safe

Later she broke down as she spoke of her parent’s safety. After the chaos was under control, Swara once again took to social media to notify that her family is safe. Following, she gave her sincere gratitude to all who showed up for her and supported her.