Sushant’s Viscera Not Preserved Properly; AIIMS’ Final Report May Not Rule Out Foul-Play


The AIIMS forensic team, which is investigating the possibility of evidence tampering, has reportedly suggested that the viscera extracted from the late actor’s body were not preserved properly. If it does go on to get proved, it could mean that the possibility of a foul-play cannot be ruled out in the case.

“Is degenerated and of less quantity”

The viscera, which is currently being tested at the AIIMS facility in Delhi, is reportedly ‘degenerated and of less quantity’. A source at the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) said: “The viscera has degenerated. It makes chemical and toxicological analysis really difficult.


The team will also meet the Central Bureau of Investigation’s SIT today and is likely to submit its findings today. It is being widely speculated that with the findings so far, the team’s final report may not rule out a foul-play in the case. Also, in the coming weeks, both these teams will sit down to hold decisive discussions with regard to this case.

A big setback for Mumbai Police

If it is proven that evidence tampering had happened, then it could prove to be a big blow for the Mumbai Government and its Police department. Hours after Sushant’s passing away, Mumbai’s Home Minister announced that it was a case of a suicide. Sufficient time or thought was not given into the angle of homicide, and this move could backfire in the coming days.

However, a senior IPS officer from Mumbai denied any such happenings. He opined that the investigation was not adultered and that all the evidence was handled properly. He said: “We have been investigating several sensitive and high profile cases. Mumbai Police are thoroughly professional as far as the quality of investigation is concerned.


Source: Times Now News