Sushant’s Cousin Reveals, He Was Under Pressure from Bollywood

Sushant SIngh

Reacting to the statement by filmmaker Sandip Singh, Sushant Singh Rajput’s Cousin Niraj Kumar Babu has come out and revealed that the late actor was under pressure from Bollywood.

Film Producer Sandip Singh had claimed that Sushant had a good relationship with Bollywood biggies like Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor and dismissed that the actor was never under any pressure from them. He also went onto say that Sushant was not a target of nepotism. Responding to the statement, Sushant’s cousin Niraj Kumar Babu said,


“We are still completing the religious formalities of Sushant. As far as the case is concerned there are big personalities in the industry who have spoken about the behavior of Bollywood with Sushant. So we definitely feel that there was some pressure on him from Bollywood otherwise these big Bollywood celebrities wouldn’t have supported Sushant, so this should be investigated. We are in a wait and watch position on the results of the investigation.”

Sushant's Friends

On June 14th, Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his Bandra Apartment. He hanged himself. Police have determined the cause of death as a suicide and ruled out any foul play. Since his death, there have been several allegations that suggest that nepotism in Bollywood played a role in pushing him towards the decision. In a recent interview, Sandip Singh said Producers Karan and Ekta had nothing to do with the death of the actor. Niraj further said,

“Police will investigate and will try to find out the reason for his death. Someone may speak what they want to, but we are going with the police investigation. Police won’t stop an investigation based on Sandip’s statement or what I say to the media. If anyone tries to misguide or hide the truth from the investigation, the police won’t accept it. They will have to put up the puzzle altogether. We as a family don’t want to interfere in it, once all the aspects come out, we will see what needs to be done.”

Family Will Wait For Investigation To Complete

On the question of whether the case needs to be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation, Niraj said that the family will wait for the outcome of the investigation by the Mumbai Police. He said,

“Big politicians, film stars, and his fans have demanded a CBI inquiry. It depends on the state government whether to handover Sushant’s case to CBI or not. So, as far as the case is with the Mumbai police, we will wait for the outcome of the investigation. If we feel the need, we will definitely demand a CBI probe.”


Source: Hindustan Times