Skateboarding: Some Tips For New Player

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It is true to say that skateboarding is one of the most popular sports and it is iconic for street sports. Whether you want to learn the basic steps for you to slide around the neighborhood, or if you want to learn kickflip techniques (use your foot to make the board rotate vertically) as a professional skateboarder, you can find out what you need to get started. From choosing to buy best skateboards to mastering Ollie skills (jumping – making the board pop up) you will know what you need to be able to skate on all kinds of roads.

Some things that beginners need to equip

There is no denying that choosing skateboard and related equipment is very important for beginners. This link is useful to choose the right that suitable for all beginner skateboarders.


Find a skateboard that fits your preference

There are many cheap skateboards, and there are many expensive skateboards and they come in many different sizes and styles. The two most basic types are regular skis and long skis. You should go to skateboarding stores near you or visit the online skateboard website to choose the type of skateboard that fits your budget.

Normally, the skateboard has a nose section and the tail is curved up. It has a recess to help skiers perform technical movements. Skateboards have many sizes, most skateboards are about 80 cm long and 20 cm wide.

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports


Long skateboards often have longer and flatter bodies. The length of the skateboards is very diverse. There are even types of skateboards that are up to twice as long as the usual skateboard length; they are much more stable and easy to use for beginners. It is difficult to perform technical movements with this type of skateboard. But if you like to use it as a way to move or slide, it will be a great choice.


Try to buy a set of skateboards that are preinstalled at the store with the type of shaft and wheel exactly for your intended use. Please remember that never buy skateboards in supermarkets, they will be broken very quickly, and even harder to use. Look for a dedicated skateboard shop.

Buy a pair of shoes that suits you

Skateboarding shoes are usually produced by brands such as Vans, Airwalk or Etnies, etc. They have a durable surface and flat base, great for helping you cling to the skateboard. Although you can always skateboard with casual shoes, skateboarding shoes will help you move on skis more easily and comfortably. Please do not forget that never go skateboarding with sandals or slippers because
you need to move your feet easily and comfortably. If you wear those sandals or slippers, you may be more likely to have heel pain and more likely to fall.

Buy the appropriate protective suit.

It can hardly be denied that when you first start skateboarding, you will fall. Even you will fall many times. You should consider buying a safety protection kit, such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads, to protect you from possible falls and accidents during training. This is especially important for beginners. In fact, some places such as California, USA, require all skaters to wear helmets when skateboarding on the street.


Helmets are very important for beginner

Make sure you buy a helmet that fits your head. Before you buy a helmet, use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your head, place the rope just above your eyebrows and circle it around your head, then buy a hat that matches that measurement.

Don’t be afraid to wear protective pads. It is important to protect your head from injuries.

Find the right place to practice skateboarding.

A flat road or parking lot is good place for you to get acquainted with the skateboard. Make sure that there are no obstructions on your road and be wary of cracks and rubble on the road. Even you just rolling over a small pebble can create an accident, especially when the skateboard has hard wheels.


The skateboarding area are the best place to skate if you have some experience. If you are just practicing standing on the skateboard to avoid falling, when you skate there, you will have a bit of difficulty.

If you have a skateboarding area near you, go see the professional skateboarders to learn. But remember, you should just stand outside the skateboarding area.

Ask a good skateboarder to teach you

Ask someone at the skateboard shop or skateboarders at the park when you meet them. Find some newcomers to come along and ask them how they did to be so professional. If they agree, you will have a guide.

Skateboarding with friends is also a big goal of skateboarding. If you have several friends, learn and seek help from them. Learning from friends is definitely better than learning by yourself or learning online.


How to choose a skateboard for new players?

The shape and width of the skateboard surface greatly affect your skateboarding process. The surface of the skateboard is the part where the sliding player directly stands up to perform acrobatics or speed racing. Therefore, the width or narrowness determines the safety and stability of the foot on the board.

In addition, the size and shape of the skateboard surface greatly affect the different types of play, so in the process of selecting a skateboard, you need to choose the right shape, as well as the most suitable sliding table size.

The width of the skateboard surface usually ranges from 7.5 to 8.5 inches depending on the type of skateboard. The wider the slide, the easier it is for players to implement different techniques but less balanced, so you need to consider those factors to get the best skateboard.

The distance of the two axes is the distance between the front and rear wheels of the skateboard, it directly affects the comfortable feeling of the skateboarder during the use of the skateboard. If you are tall, you should choose skateboards that have a distance between the two big axes.

The shape and width of the skateboard surface greatly affects your skateboarding process

Each type of skateboard, each manufacturer calculates for his skateboard to have different skateboard surface shapes to serve the purpose of the skateboard player. The shape of the skateboard surface affects the gliding and turning of the board. For example, flat skis make it easier to knock out the boards, so the art moves will be better. The concave boards have a balance, firm and easier to control.


You should also pay attention to the wheel shaft height.

All skis of different manufacturers use the same size of bearings, so you can replace any bearing for any kind of skateboard. Bearings work to help turn the wheel as well as the rotation speed is faster and easier, due to the effect of reducing friction and increasing speed.

All in all, choosing the skateboard and related equipment is very important for beginners. If this article is not enough for you, please check out the website. Their experts will help you!