Sick Of Paying Heavy Traffic Penalties? Rs.100 Can Now Get You Freedom From Such Big Fines

source: deccanchronicle

Husky traffic challans have brought confusion amongst the commuters since the new traffic rule under Motor Vehicle (Amended) Act 2019 came into existence. While the traffic Police stop vehicles, people who forget to bring their documents along with them suffer heavy penalty bombshell under their name. The sense of fear has now forced motorists to follow traffic rules and avoid such complex traffic fines.

People getting aggravated with these challans are unaware of the fact that a 100 rupee can save them from paying big penalties in the matter of violating traffic rules.


How can you escape traffic penalties?

According to a report, the new rules say that all such traffic fines related to not having insurance papers, drivers license, registration certificate or other necessary documents; you can present the required documents in the court within 15 days and get your challan revoked for a sum of 100 rupees.

source: newsindianexpress

However, this rule is applicable only if you have the necessary documents with you but have left them at home or some other places.

Pay 100 before the challan is issued

By the time you provide your official papers to the officials, you can get your fine terminated, instead, you will have to pay just 100 rupees per document as a fee for the whole purpose.


source: deccanchronicle

The only thing you need to take care of is that the challan should not be already issued under your name for the traffic violation. It is because if challan is been issued you cannot get all the required documents and get clean chit by the authority.