Viral Video: Seeing Lovers Quarrel, Delivery Boy Intervenes And Ends Up In Trouble

High drama was witnessed in Bhuveneshwar as a fight between lovers turned into a big brawl with a delivery boy getting involved in it. The delivery boy ended up hitting the girl for allegedly arguing with him.

Lovers’ quarrel

According to reports, the incident took place in Orissa’s Bhubaneshwar. It all happened when a girl was initially scolding and beating a man near the park, apparently over a general dispute between the two. She claims that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with another woman but has promised to marry her.


Meanwhile, people watching the incident started recording the act, to which the girl opposed and tried to snatch the mobile phone of one of them.

After a while, a food delivery guy tried to interfere and tried to control the situation. He reportedly objected to the woman’s use of explicit language. Nevertheless, it angered the girl even further and scolded the delivery guy. This led to a heated exchange of swears, and the woman ended up slapping the delivery man.

Peacekeeper brings more trouble

Things got worse when the delivery guy thrashed the woman on the road by hitting her repeatedly all over her face and body. People on the road interfered and stopped him from hitting her further.


Two videos of this brawl have gone viral on social media – one shows the woman abusing and hitting her boyfriend, while the other clip shows the food delivery executive beating up the girl.

As per reports, none of the two parties have filed a complaint with the police. Bhubneshwar DCP Umashankar Dash said, “Since it was an incident of thrashing by both the parties, I have ordered the concerned PS Official to record a case against both of them.”