Salaar 2 Could Be KGF 3, Latest Update Hypes The Speculation

After Hombale films shared the first look of Salaar, social media platforms are flooded with different speculations, of which, the major focus is on Yash’s cameo appearance in Salaar and its link with KGF Chapter 3.

Latest Update Hypes The Speculation

Pan India star Prabhas’ upcoming Salaar has become one of the most talked about movies. This is because the Baahubali star has paired with KGF fame Prashanth Neel for the first time. The ‘movie’ produced under the Hombale Films banner, fans have put high hopes on Salaar as Prabhas failed to mesmerize the audience with two of his releases after Baahubali, i.e. Saaho and Radhe Shyam.


Apart from this, another reason for which ‘Salaar: The Saga’ has been the topic of discussion on social media is the appearance of Rocking Star Yash. Though there is no official confirmation, it is speculated that the Prabhas-starrer has links with KGF Franchise.

The speculations fuelled up after some spotted Yash with Prashanth Neel recently. Rumors say that Neel is enquiring about the Rocking Star’s availability or a specific timeline where he can shoot for a special project.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that the second installment of Salaar could be KGF: Chapter 3 itself. A Twitter user believes that the further shooting of Salaar will be taking place in India, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


Going to the post-credit scene of KGF 2, Prashanth seemingly reveals what looks like the draft of the film’s third part. The filmmakers uncover another manuscript with the title ‘KGF: Chapter 3 in Anand Ingalagi’s library which probably talks about the crime Rocky Bhai did during his foreign visit.

With all this, Rocky Bhai may be still alive and we may see him in KGF: Chapter 3. On the opposite, there may be another chapter in the KGF story that may have nothing to do with Rocky but somebody else entirely. So will it be linked with Salaar?

Why Salaar 2 could be KGF 3?

The interesting theory that can’t leave our minds now that we have got many points supporting its possibilities. The main poster that shows Prabhas holding a big gun in his hand is another big clue at Salaar being a part of the KGF franchise. If you watch closely, the gun on the poster and the gun in Rocky Bhai’s hands in the KGF posters are both identical. And nowhere is the gun encountered in KGF Chapter 2.


Further, if watched closely, Prabhas is seen sitting on a mysterious box. Is this the Box Of Gold?

Moreover, the character of Jagapathi Babu, who plays the villain in Salaar, is another very strong factor that makes us believe the two stories could really be linked. Most fans noticed that Jagapathi Babu’s look in Salaar is so much like Sanjay Dutt’s Adheera- with the same heavily kohled eyes, the septum ring, the brutality in the eyes, and the fury on the face.

Another actress featuring in Salaar is Easwari Rao who would reportedly be playing the role of Prabhas’ mother in the film. Easwari Rao also plays a vital role in KGF 2. She’s one of the women who are laboring in KGF coal mines. It won’t be surprising if the makers decide to take this character further and explore her identity in Salaar.


Also, the team Salaar is the same as that of KGF. The music composer of Salaar is Ravi Basrur who also created music for Yash’s starrer series while cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda is handling the camera. He also did the same for the KGF series.

Too many coincidences with KGF and Salaar are proving that Prashanth Neel could bring both Prabhas and Yash in the same frame. If this collaboration happens, the Box Office will break new records.