Residents Of Malleswaram Try Bhangra Moves To Highlight Pathetic Condition Of Footpaths

bhangra malleswaram

The footpaths in Malleswaram are in a pathetic condition. And to attract the attention of the administration towards this condition the residents of Malleswaram have come up with an innovative way.

Locals have resorted to Bhangra moves to highlight the bad condition of the roads that have forced people to literally dance while they are walking on the footpaths. Most of the footpaths in this West Bengaluru locality is either in very bad shape or has been encroached upon.

Locals Post Bhangra Video On Social Media

On Sunday, April 7, a video titled Bharatnatyam Over, Bhangra Shuru! Balle Balle # FootpathBeku went viral. Posted by the citizens’ collective group, Malleswaram Social, the video brings into highlight the obstructions on the footpaths and the potholes and breakages that are causing unevenness.

Due to such hurdles, the walkers are just forced to do moves like a dancer while walking on these footpaths.

Incidentally, the video although depicts the Bhangra dance it is more a satirical indication and not a celebratory one. The residents are in despair and have just come up with this unique way to give a jolt to the civic body.

BALLE BALLE, #FootpathBeku!


Posted by Malleshwaram Social on Saturday, 6 April 2019

Until now, the depleting condition of the footpaths in the region of Malleswaram in West Bengaluru has gone unnoticed.

It is not the first time that the citizens of the metro city have been facing with such almost non-existent and inaccessible conditions of footpaths. The locals have been complaining about it since long but are yet to get any positive response from the BBMP.

Now with this unique bhangra and Bharatnatyam moves, the residents believe that the BBMP will finally wake up from its deep slumber and take notice of the issue.

Malleswaram Social Members Question Understanding Of Authorities

The members of Malleswaram Social have said that they have intentionally posted such a video on social media. But they have questioned whether the authorities understand the sarcasm behind posting such a video or not. One of the netizens Gokaran Singh Pawar said, “Very well done but do the authorities understand sarcasm.”

Another netizen Subramanyam Shankar said on FB, “Hope you guys know what to say when they come to ask for votes.” 

Created by Filmterra Architects with the help of Priyanka Ravi Kumar, Cerin Anthony, Sonal Sarkar, and Priyanka S among other artists, this video by Malleswaram Social has surely generated a lot of response.

Prior to this, the group put up a video on Facebook that showed two women performing Bharatnatyam on the locality’s damaged footpaths.    

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