Footpath Beku: When Bengaluru Gives Potholes for You, Just Do Bharatnatyam On it

foot path beku

Tit-Bit: A social group of Bengaluru’s Malleswaram went after Bharatanatyam to highlight the poor condition of roads. This has come in reference to increasing potholes in the city; a group found its own way to bring it to the authorities’ notice.

Footpath Beku: A Viral Video About Damaged Footpaths in the City

An organisation named Malleswaram Social has come up with a funky yet satirical video where citizens perform Bharatanatyam over damaged footpaths in the area; mockery saw its best.

The video which was uploaded on October 16 went trending under the hashtag Footpath Beku. With a whopping 5 lakh views, 12,000 likes, and winning comments, it has managed to create an impact in social media.

Speaking to news portals, Suchitra Deep (producer of the video) said that they used Bharatanatyam for a reason that it is dear to Malleswaram residents. Using a traditional dance of this kind to highlight pothole issue could create a first-hand attention, she added.

footpath beku

When the door-to-door campaign failed

The video went viral and is getting attention from all the corners but this is not their first attempt to create an awareness. Members of the group had organized a series of events and a door-to-door campaign to know the opinion of people on nuances of footpaths in the area.

Sri Ram Aravamudan, creative director of the video said, “The door-to-door campaigns didn’t see a success as we expected. People came up with their own set of reasons. So, we decided to take a satirical way.”

footpath beku

He added,

“Malleswaram is home to a lot of dance schools so it would not be completely unbelievable that a dancer could be doing this on the footpaths in this area. There is no language in the video. It is just music and locales that Malleswaram residents recognize and it draws attention to the problem in a humorous and light-hearted way.”

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Sri Ram also feels that it becomes the responsibility of citizens to take care of roads, once authorities put a footpath in place. Besides, there are issues like garbage, construction debris, and potholes. So, the group’s larger objective is to highlight the problems and get the attention of people towards it.

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