Reports: Lockdown In Mumbai, Thane And Pune Could Extend Till June


As per reports, lockdown in the cities of Mumbai, Thane, and Pune could extend beyond May 3rd, until the month of June.

Lockdown has been announced till May 3rd

As per PM Modi’s statement on April 14th, the lockdown in the country is in effect until May 3rd. However, although there has been no official confirmation regarding an extension, reports say that a few cities on Maharashtra could have the lockdown extended until June.


In fact, the Government of Telangana has already extended the lockdown in the southern state until May 7th.


Cases Rise in India

India is currently seeing the number of cases rise in a steep manner, and hence, severe restrictions could come forth in the coming days.

As per the latest briefing by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 24506 positive cases of COVID-19 have already been reported in the country. Of this, around 1429 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours alone.


Of the total number of cases, 18668 are active while 5063 patients have been cured of the infection. The death toll stands at 775, with 57 reported in the last 24 hours.

Maharashtra the worst-hit state

Maharastra has been the worst-hit state by the Coronavirus in the country. 6817 cases have been reported in the state, of which, 840 have recovered and 301 have died.

With the cases not stopping, the government is planning to extend the lockdown in red-zone cities like Mumbai, Thane, and Pune till June. This is even though the majority of the state’s financial activities happen in these cities.


Source: Free Press Journal