Brilliant: K’taka Teenager, Son Of An Electrician, Creates Electric Bike From Scrap Material

When the lockdown was imposed, everyone was worried as to how they can spend the time. While a few went the binge-watching way, a couple of them decided to pursue their passion. A boy in Belgaum chose the latter route and is now at the centre of a marvellous creation.

Teenager creates electric bike during the lockdown

Prathamesha Sutara is a 10th class boy who decided to put work into his interest in automotive technology. Son of an electrician, the youngster used the scrap material in his father’s garage to create an electric bike all by himself. He bought a Lead Acid 48 voltage battery, 48 voltage motor and 750-watt motor and built the electric rechargeable motor. 


Electric Bikes are the future

With fuel getting pricier, electric bikes are said to be the future. Prathamesha is also of the same opinion. He said: ” Fuel prices are skyrocketing these days and common man cannot afford the current fuel price. I was sitting idle at home during the lockdown and post lockdown too since schools were closed. So, I decided to do something on my own and I built an electric bike with the help of my father.

Representative Image

Features of the bike

Once charged, the bike can be used to travel a distance of up to 40 kilometres. The max speed of the bike is 40 km per hour and interestingly, the bike has a reverse gear too. 

Naturally, Prathamesha’s dad had no bounds for his happiness. He said: “I am really happy for my son as he used to free time for a good job. Being an electrician, even I did not know much about electric bike mechanism. I have learnt from my son during his adventure and I am hopeful that one day he will do something bigger which will make us feel more proud.


Source: India Times