Why You Should Go For A Registered Psychotherapist


Finding a good therapist is a lot harder than finding a mechanic. However, some of the tips and tricks you use to find a local automobile repair guy can also work in finding a reputable therapist. Here is what you need to know before starting the search.

Why a Registered Psychotherapist is Recommended

There are so many therapists without a license and this does not necessarily make them quacks. However, it is highly advisable to go with a psychotherapist who is registered and holds a license to practice. There are a number of reasons for this.


Licensed therapists are bound by law to follow stipulated work ethics. In the case of malpractice, it is easy to report them to the respective authorities for compensation or disciplinary action. In addition, a registered psychotherapist is easier to trust because all the information you need to know about them is online. You only need to check their license online and see if there are any complaints or infractions put forward against them.

Going for a registered and licensed psychotherapist also makes it easier to reconcile with your insurance company after. The insurance company can do a follow up with the psychotherapist and even check the validity, hourly rates, and billing services.

With that said, now you can embark on finding the right registered therapist for you.



Get Referred To One

The fastest way to find a good registered therapist is by getting referred to one. Ask your friend, family, or colleague whether they know of a reputable therapist. A good therapist would have a string of satisfied clients who refer others to them constantly.

Ask Your Insurance Company

Ask your health insurance company to recommend a good therapist for you. If your insurance company is well established, chances are they are also connected to a network of medical professionals they can send clients to. Getting referred by your insurance company is also a plus because they are ready to pay for the session or even reimburse a service bill from a therapist they trust.

Ask A Professional In The Same Field

You may also ask a nurse or doctor to give you contacts of a good registered therapist. Doctors often recommend patients to various psychotherapists depending on their need. Another option is consulting a clinic director within a psychiatric institution. They too can refer you to reputable therapists within your area.



Check their Specialization

Ensure you are visiting with a psychotherapist who is experienced with your particular problem. If you need help in reconciling with family or resolving family issues, you need a therapist experienced with family systems. If you need someone to refocus your mind on the positive things in life, then you need a cognitive therapist. A therapist who specializes in everything is a total red flag; they may not know how to handle your situation better.


Call them

Once you identify a few registered therapists within your area, set some time to call them one by one. That first conversation will help you gauge them and find out if you will be comfortable around them. Ensure you are armed with questions to ask during the call sessions. Ask them what they specialize in, whether they have a license if they have additional training, and how much they charge. This should help you narrow down to your preferred therapist.

You can always find a registered therapist if you are willing to dig a little deeper. Ensure the therapist you choose is comfortable to work with and also charges within your budget.