#RepeatAfterMe Trends After Kangana And Twitter Users Troll Deepika For Mental Health Posts

Actress Deepika Padukone is being trolled on social media for her posts on mental health. Twitter users seem to be upset with the actress because she had been vocal about depression and mental health on social media soon after Sushant died on June 14. On Thursday morning hashtags ‘Repeat After Me’ and ‘Deepika’ were top trends on Twitter with over 22k and 14k tweets, respectively.

A user tweeted, “Instead of selling a disease get it treated #RepeatAfterMe.”


“Deepika is a depression expert as she suffered a depression bout a decade ago. Similarly, I’m a wildlife expert as I suffered a wild monkey bite in class IV. Repeat after me, monkey bite is real. Tell me what expert you became after what you suffered. Use hashtag #RepeatAfterMe,” a user wrote in a tweet.

Courtesy: indiatoday.in

“Self-proclaimed mental health expert #Deepika tried very hard to push depression theory right after Sushant’s death even without waiting for the investigation to conclude and she is hiding now Bollywood is full of fake people. #RepeatAfterMe #depression (sic),” tweeted a user.

Another wrote, “RepeatAfterMe I think Deepika is Binod cuz she believes she knows everything about depression.”