Rapper Chirayu And His Team Create History, 56 Rappers Perform In A Single Song

Kannada rapper Chirayu is a well-known artist who has registered a name in the Karnataka book of record for setting the biggest rap collaboration with 56 rappers, performing on a single track in a single attempt.

Nane Chirayu

Chirayu is an Indian Kannada rapper, lyricist, and entertainer. Born on 11 September 1996, the rapper is also known as ‘Nane Chirayu’ or ‘Diss King’. He is hailed as the Best Rapper in Karnataka and surprisingly he comes on the top Kannada rappers list.


The 26-year-old started writing lyrics and rapping at a very young age. Later, he completed his graduation in commerce- in the year 2017 at National College.

Chirayu made his debut with his first song ‘Papi Chirayu’ in the year of 2016. This song was registered in the Karnataka Book of Record for the first time in the RAP category by collaborating with 56 rappers on a single go.

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Team Chirayu

He created and united a RAP group called TeamChirayu and was also one of the artists in the Biggest Rappers Team on Earth. He wrote and sang in movies like Arjun Gowda, Mr. Bachelor, and Buddies. Also, created a title song for a dance reality show in colors Kannada TV channel called Dancing Champion.

He is known for his popular Kannada raps like Papi Chirayu, Diggbramae, Khaidhi, #NANK, Shanthi, Thug boyz, Dec 18, Madilu, neen Yaro keloke, memers anthem, Self-made Brand, Buddies, Arjun Gowda and many more.

Previously, he collaborated with Anthony Daasan, Kiran Raj, Dixit, Syc Sai, Akhil oso, and many more for various songs. This is not it, Chirayu has collaborated with 5 music labels which are Tapang beats, Aanand audio, Cool Lip Music, DC records & Pulp Records.