10 Recent Hip Hop Songs Of Kannada You Should Listen Right Now, Because They Are Kickass!

kannada hip hop songs

Hip Hop, since it originated in the city of New York, has spread across the world giving people a medium to express themselves. A section of Hip Hop, the true Hip Hop as some call it, is about talking about real stuff; the stuff that matter and another section is all about entertaining the crowd. As the rapper Divine said, “Hip Hop has always been in the clubs and in the streets.” In this piece, we look at the 10 Hip Hop songs that released recently in Kannada.

Maari Kannu – Brodha V

For long the fans of rapper Brodha V has been asking him to rap in Kannada who has usually produced music in English. Brodha V finally made his fans happy with his rendition of the cult song Maari Kannu. Brodha V is on his A-game!

kannada hip hop songs

Guess who’s back – MC Bijju

Often regarded as the best lyric writer among Kannada rappers, MC Bijju returned to the scene after three years with his new single called Guess who’s back. The video along with Bijju’s verse lights up the screen like never before in Kannada rap.

kannada hip hop songs

Nangansiddu – Rahul Dit-O

The last of the Rahul Dit-O song under All Ok Productions, Nangansiddu attracted few controversies but nobody can take away the success of Rahul Dit-O. This is one of the first few songs which raised him to fame.

kannada hip hop songs

Yelli Maga Gubbi – Gubbi

Probably one of the first Vertical music video in Kannada, Yelli Maga Gubbi has to be one of the coolest songs in the scene. The concept, the beat, and the flow; everything is top-notch and Gubbi is highly underrated.

Live it – Siri

One of the very few female rappers of the country, Siri’s Live it is a breath of fresh air. The right proportions of both Kannada and English make the song stand out from the rest.

Mahadeva – Dichki Design

Rap songs in films is a very new thing for the Kannada Film Industry. The team behind Dichki Design has released Mahadeva song which seems to have been the first instance of rap in a Kannada film.

Thago – Rahul Dit-O

The reply to the controversy of Nangansiddu, Thago had the ultimate bars which made it such a huge success with views of over 2 million on YouTube.

kannada hip hop songs


SID’ X starts in an unconventional manner but soon delves into the conventional diss of an ex. Nevertheless, he has the flow and beat is sick.

Rocky Bhai – Rahul Dit-O

Rahul Dit-O seems to be someone who is bent upon releasing songs in quick succession. His new song, Rocky Bhai, is a tribute to the film KGF and the fans are already mighty impressed with this.

kannada hip hop songs

Yaakinge – All Ok

All Ok is someone who groomed the rap scene in Karnataka by backing a team of talented rappers. He isn’t far behind too. His song Yaakinge in the soothing voice of his has over 5 million views already.

Rap is a growing culture in Karnataka. Soon we will see rap from other parts of the state as well. Which is your favorite rap song?




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