Rahul Gandhi Says He Will Continue To Tell The Truth Even If His Career Goes To Hell

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Since the Galwan valley clash took place on the 15th of June between the Indian Armed Forces and People’s Liberation Army of China, former Congress President has been attacking the central government over its foreign policies.

Today, he narrowed his attack down and said,


“I do not mind if my whole career goes to hell, but I am not going to lie about the Indian territory.”

Today, he shared a video on his timeline where he spoke about those who have criticized his comments on the border issue with China. In the video, he said,

“As an Indian, my number one priority is the nation and its people. Now it’s pretty clear that the Chinese have entered our territory. It disturbs me…it makes my blood boil. How can some other nation just come into our territory? If you as a politician want me to keep quiet and lie to my people..when I have seen the satellite photos…I speak to army people….If you want me to lie that the Chinese have not entered the country, I simply am not going to do it. I don’t mind even if my career goes to hell. I think the people who are lying about the Chinese not entering our country are the people who are not nationalists.. they are not patriotic.”

Rahul Gandhi Rally
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New Website To Document Rahul Gandhi Lies

A new website has surfaced the internet which is causing laughter and havoc on social media. The news media outlet, OpIndia, has created an extension to their website called Rahul Gandhi lies which aims to document all the lies by the former Congress leader.

The site aims to document the fake news or the lies spread by the former Congress President. It has already documented some and promises to continue in the future. The lies that have been documented in the site have fake news that was spread by Gandhi about the government making a profit of Shramik Trains. The site also claims that Gandhi made congress workers and non-residents act as Ladakhis. It also has debunked claims of Gandhi’s aides and those in proximity with him.



Source: NDTV