Rahul Gandhi Refuses To Continue As Congress Party President At CPP Meeting

In a recently held Congress Parliamentary Party meeting that comprises of all the MPs of the party in Parliament, Rahul Gandhi refused to continue as the president of the Congress Party. The meeting that was held in New Delhi just ahead of the Parliament session was called by the former Congress Party president and the parliamentary party leader Sonia Gandhi.  

Silent Movement For Convincing Rahul Gandhi

According to reports senior members in the party are silently coming together and discussing ways to convince Rahul to continue as the chief of the party. A group of leaders held a meeting in this regard a couple of days ago at Punjab Bhawan to discuss this issue of crisis within the Congress Party.


There is a strong probability that the party members may hold another bigger meeting at the headquarters of Congress very soon.

While answering the question as to who will succeed him, Rahul Gandhi said, “I am not the right person to make a decision and will not get involved in that process.” The dismal performance of his party in the recently held Lok Sabha elections forced Rahul to tender his resignation. During a meeting with the party members of the Congress Working Committee, he took 100 percent responsibility for the second-worst defeat of his party since its inception.   

At that time, Rahul said that he will continue to hold the position until a suitable candidate was found to replace him.


Congress In State Of Turmoil And Confusion 

Most of the senior members are urging him to continue as the president. But with a strong refusal from Rahul Gandhi, the party is now in a state of confusion and turmoil. One of the senior party leaders, Surjewala said, “Rahul ji was, is and will remain the Congress president. We have no doubt about it.” 

Even senior leader Mani Shankar Aiyar seemed to have the same opinion but said,  “his own wishes must also be respected”. He further added, “I am sure we can survive if we have to without a Nehru-Gandhi as the titular head of the party, provided the Nehru-Gandhis remain active in the party and can help resolve a crisis in case serious differences arise.”