Rahul Gandhi Questions: Have The Chinese Occupied The Indian Territory Of Ladakh?

Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, and BJP supported, Rajnath Singh, seem to indulge in a poetic war on social media, taking Indian defense as a target.

Mr. Gandhi raised his concern this morning regarding the Indian territory in Ladakh, by asking defense minister Rajnath Singh if the Chinese troops have occupied Indian territory in Ladakh.


Gandhi tweeted this morning- “Once RM is done commenting on the land symbol, can he answer: Have the Chinese occupied Indian territory in Ladakh?”

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It is certain that last evening, Rajnath Singh made an effort to disgrace Congress party for using their “hand symbol” in a tweet and taking a reference from Urdu poet’s creation to offend BJP.

This vocal war started when Rahul Gandhi targeted Amit Shah for his comments on the Indian defense and surgical and airstrikes at a virtual rally. Mr. Shah mentioned that terror attacks in Uri and Pulwama have been big proof that India’s defense policy has been a strong one and the country knows how to protect its borders.

“India’s defense policy has gained global acceptance. The whole world agrees that after the US and Israel if there is any other country that is able to protect its borders, it is India,” Mr. Shah hah said.

Mr. Gandhi reacted to the statement by quoting a couplet by a renowned Urdu – Persian poet Mirza Ghalib. “Everyone knows the reality of ‘Seema’ (Border) but to keep the heart happy, ‘Shah-yad’ it is a good idea,” he tweeted in a sarcastic tone.

To this, Rajnath Singh replied by quoting: “When there is a pain in the hand then get treatment, but what should one do when the hand is the pain itself.” This is an original couplet by the 20th-century poet, Manzar Lakhnavi with the word “heart” instead of “head.” However, considering the need of the hour, Mr. Singh made a smart move and replaced the originality of the word “heart” with “hand.”