Rahul Gandhi Criticises Govt And Says ‘Na Spasht Disha Hai, Na Drishtikon’, Twitter Trolls Him Back

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On Friday, Rahul Gandhi released a video on his official account where he tried to explain the current geopolitical standoff between India and China.

In the video, Gandhi slammed the Narendra Modi government and said that China chooses this particular time to intrude as it knowns that India’s foreign policy, economy, and relationship with other neighboring countries are disrupted. He captioned his video and wrote,


“Since 2014, the Prime Minister’s constant blunders and indiscretions have fundamentally weakened India and left us vulnerable. Empty words don’t suffice in the world of geopolitics.”

In the video, he explained the Centre’s foreign policies and said that the strategic partnerships with the United States and Russia have become merely transactional relations. He also spoke about the sour relationship India has with Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka currently and mentioned that India used to be friends with them earlier. He said,

“Our economy was something that we could boast about going to the world. We have seen the worst economic growth in 50 years, unemployment is highest in 40 years. The economy is in absolute disaster. We have said on multiple occasions that the economy needs major boosts from the government. We have said fire the economy, protect small businesses.”

In one of the bits, Gandhi said,

“Na spasht disha hai, na drishtikon”

This particularly has paved the way for a ton of memes and trolling on social media.