Pushpa 2 Shoot Stopped. Director Wants Rework on Script Post KGF 2 Success

After the record-breaking success of KGF Chapter 2, the sequel to Pushpa: The Rise has stopped mid-way due to rework in the script. Sources say that Pushpa 2 which was being shot at a marvelous speed for an early release has been halted, at the request of the director Sukumar.

Pushpa 2 shooting halted 

KGF: Chapter 2 is already one of the most hyped films in recent years with its collection already surpassing the Rs 750 crore mark in just one week. On the other hand, there is another pan-India film Pushpa: The Rule, a sequel to Pushpa: The Rise that is currently all over the news.


For a film that was released with almost small hype in Hindi, it has become one of the most talked-about films all over the country. Director Sukumar had earlier stated that they will start the shoot of the sequel by February 2022 and were hoping to release the film by the end of the year.

But, the director has now decided to halt the ongoing shoot and has chosen to work more on the script looking at the KGF 2’s success.

“Pushpa 2 was prepared on a much bigger scale than the first part. When the first part thrived beyond all anticipations, the budget was raised and the action sequences were enhanced. But now with KGF Chapter 2 breaking all records, Sukumar wants to up the script much further,” said an inside source.


Pushpa 2 to be even bigger

Sources reveal that Pushpa’s director Sukumar wants the scale to be even more huge than planned. This is the reason why the shooting of the sequel has been stopped for now. The makers have also informed that the film’s leading actor Allu Arjun will now begin shooting for another film while Pushpa 2 undergoes another scriptural and visual upscaling.

Pushpa Part 1 was released on OTT and has discovered even more audience and appreciation which makes its sequel one of the most anticipated films of the year. Allu Arjun is a bigger star in Hindi as compared to Yash, so chances are more that the sequel film to Puspa Part 1 would break the Box Office records much more than KGF Chapter 2.