Pushpa 2 to have Samantha’s Oo Antava Reprise Version? Music composer Responds

Pushpa’s soundtrack, which was created by Devi Sri Prasad, continues to be talked about among the audience. The music director has now been asked if the sequel will again have Oo Antava song. Here’s how he responded.

Pushpa 2 songs by DSP

Pushpa 2: The Rule, starring Allu Arjun, is the talk of the town. Recently released movie announcement videos and first-look poster have created a lot of buzz. Fans are now awaiting the return of Allu Arjun as Pushpa, the rescuer of the helpless and the needy, once again after Pushpa: The Rise (2021), which outlined his rise to power. The action drama emerged as one of the highest-grossing Indian films in 2021 and crossed the 300-crore mark at the box office.


Apart from Pushpa Raj’s swag, the film’s music, directed by Devi Sri Prasad (DSP), also generated a whole lot of buzz and intrigue. Songs like Oo Antava, Srivalli, and Saami Saami emerged as massive hits and took over the internet and social media by storm. So, it’s no surprise that expectations surrounding the music of the sequel are sky-high.

As the DSP is returning to compose the soundtrack for the movie, an artist from the team was recently interviewed by News18 and he informed that he had already “written a few songs” for the movie Pushpa 2: The Rule. DSP is returning to compose the soundtrack for the movie.

Sharing an insight about the same, he said, “Everyone is waiting for Pushpa 2 – the film and its music. I’m truly thankful for all the love that everyone has showered on us. The subject has come out fantastically. The way Sukumar (director) sir has scripted the story is amazing. We’re working very hard and passionately for this film like we always do.” Quoted News18.


Oo Antava Reprise Version

Oo Antava, in spite of having objections to Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s sexist look, was a smash hit and one of the movie’s most notable moments when it was first released. The song’s electrifying moves between Allu and Samantha stole the show. When asked if the dance routine will get a new iteration for the sequel, DSP responded, “We aren’t looking at any reprise of Oo Antava in Pushpa 2 but it’s too early to say anything right now. We’re working on a lot of surprises. I hope everyone gives more and more love to the film and its album and make them memorable.”

With the incline in expectations for Pushpa: The Rise song, does he feel any pressure working on the sequel? “I don’t feel any pressure but only love. It’s in my nature to not take any pressure. If I do, I won’t be able to give my 100 percent. Right since my childhood, I’ve been taught so,” stated DSP.

DSP, who has also worked on movies like Drishyam 2 and Cirkus (both 2022), doesn’t believe there is a formula for a hit song, but he has been inspired to keep working because of the love he received for Pushpa: The Rise. “You can’t predict the success of a song. There are a million factors involved. If it becomes a huge success, it means people are loving it and that’s a blessing. I look at success as an opportunity to make another song,” he remarked.


DSP further added, “I keep working sincerely and passionately with a lot of love and respect towards my work. I hope the magic repeats and people keep loving me and my music. We should love doing our work. If we feel any kind of pressure, we won’t be able to enjoy it.”