Pakistan Senator Tags ‘UNO’ Game Instead of ‘United Nations’ in Tweet. Got Heavily Trolled

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When Twitter has lack of content to trend, Pakistan seemingly comes to the rescue and provide social media user with humorous content. Criticizing Prime Minister Modi has been a primary subject for our neighbor. However, condemning India over its move on Article 370 which has been revoked, had led to various trash talks by the Pakistan political leaders. Some warn for an imbalance in regional peace, some condemn the policies of India’s governance and some also threaten for a Nuclear War between the nations. One such Paki Senator trying to criticize Modi’s policies over Kashmir falls into the pray of social media sarcasm.

Pak Senator trolled for tagging UNO games

Pakistan former Interior Minister Rehman Malik has surrounded himself with a new gimmick. He has become the latest victim of making social media blunder. It was in one of these tweets criticizing the move over revoking Article 370 in the constitution, he quoted a tweet explaining the situation in Srinagar. While trying to tag Narendra Modi and the United Nations Organizations, he ended up tagging UNO, the game instead.

source: thehindubusinessline

He wrote, “ these are our own leaders and hear them what they are saying about the brutalities in IOK,” alongside he tagged Modi and unknowingly tagged ‘UNO’ game instead of ‘UNO’ (United Nations Organizations).

Social media trolls the minister