Now Sonu Sood Comes Forward To Help Actor Anupam Shyam Who Is Hospitalized


Actor Anupam Shyam is currently in ICU and is seeking financial aid for his treatment. He has been undergoing dialysis at Apex Kidney Care in the north Mumbai suburb of Malad, as per reports in PTI.


Now, Sonu Sood quote tweeted a tweet in which they urged people to provide financial aid to the veteran actor. Sood’s tweet read as “In touch with them”. The actor is being called as ‘Messiah’ by many for his prompt action in providing help to the people in need.


Meanwhile, Anurag, Anupam’s brother also informed the media agency that the Mann Ki Awaaz: Pratigya actor has been shifted to Lifeline Hospital in Goregaon on Monday after he collapsed during dialysis. He stated, “Since we couldn’t admit him there, we rushed him to Lifeline Hospital immediately. He is currently in ICU.”

Anurag went on to say, “He could not get a good treatment due to financial crisis. I have informed his friends about his health and also reached out to Being Human through their website. I even got a call from Manoj Bajpayee, who said he will look into the matter.”