Now you can check Namma Metro Timings on your Phone via Google maps

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Are you the one who hurry and tussle to board a metro train in Bengaluru? Worry not. From now onwards, you can just look at your phone and plan your move accordingly. Google maps have incorporated train timetable and are now available on Google Maps.

Google Notification about the Next Train

Get the details of the next train for the hard by a couple of hours and if you use smartphones then you can also get the google notification. If a passenger with a smartphone is near to the Metro Station (purple / green line) then he/she will get a Google notification about the next train and its arrival.


This has come in reference to BM’s spot check on the availability of the train timings and it found to be accurate. If a commuter is in the close proximity of any metro station, Google maps will come handy to find the location of the Metro station and the train timings.

namma metro timings

Mahendra Jain, managing director of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL), said,

“We got in touch with Google and asked them to have Maps integrated with the timetable. However, since our train timings are dynamic which will vary from peak-hour rush at different times, we are not able to give the exact timetable.”

He added,


“So, Google has incorporated train timings from the existing timetable from BMRCL website on a pilot basis. We are working with Google in making it more accurate and easy without any cost to us or commuters.”

How to enable Notifications?

– Enable the location on Google maps, click on Maps and then click on Train or Bus. This option will help the passengers to know the information about public transport departing at what time from near their location.

– On scrolling, one can see the letter ‘M’. Clicking on it will give the station name and enables to open the Namma Metro timetable.


– During the peak hours, one can see for ‘every 5 min’ and during non-peak hours, it is for ‘every 10 min’. The entire outlook of the timetable is also color coordinated with respect to the Green and Purple line.

This is a good move by BMRCL. It will definitely help every commuter who takes Metro to slow down and plan the day.

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