Head To This Place Called Nandhana Palace in Bengaluru For Biryani Thali And Andhra Style Meals

nandhana palace
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Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan city and hence, there are different types of restaurants that have cropped up across the city to cater to varying tastes and preferences. Automatically, this has made Bengaluru a dream place for a hardcore foodie to reside in.

Nandhana Palace is one restaurant that stands first in the list if you want to experience authentic Andhra Cuisine in Bengaluru. Sprawled across 15 branches, this hotel is present in some of the prime locations in the city such as Indiranagar, Koramangala, New BEL Road, Sahakar Nagar, etc. Starting at 11:30 am, this restaurant is open until 11 pm with a short gap between 4 pm and 6:30 PM.

Authentic Andhra Cuisine 

Served on a Banana leaf, the unlimited meals available here is a massive hit. Not only does it give you the chance to gorge on the heavenly combination of Rice, Ghee, and Pappu, the unlimited meals also allows you to try a few different things at the restaurant making sure you wouldn’t worry about the main course.

Also serving alcohol, this place is known for the exquisite Andhra-style Biryanis on offer. The Hyderabadi Biryani, Nati Chicken Biryani, Supreme  Biryani, and Nellore Biryani are all extremely indulging and fulfilling. Not to forget, the starters in the form of Sholay Kabab, Bamboo Chicken, Carrot 65 and Kshatriya Kabab would have all your food cravings satiated within a few minutes.

nandhana palace

A Family Restaurant

Nandhana Palace is the perfect place to take your family out for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. All the sections of the Restaurant are clearly demarcated and with good and unique interiors, this eatery accentuates your experience of having some tasty food.
Cleanliness is to the point and hygiene is well-maintained by the management. The service is pretty quick and the staff attends to you very well. Overall, Nandhana Palace provides the perfect ambiance for families and friends alike.


The other Andha-restaurants in the city usually offer you a plate of meals and a serving of Biryani to call themselves as an Andhra-special eatery. However, this restaurant has made sure almost each and every dish on the menu has an essence of our neighboring state in it. Starting from the mandatory chutney powder kept on each table to the spicy Biryanis, every item has been designed to give you an unforgettable experience.

nandhana palace

However, here are a few items we would recommend you to not miss out while you are on a sojourn to this restaurant. It can be assured that the Carrot 65 can hardly be found anywhere else than this joint. It is novel, well-garnished and a guaranteed method to keep your taste buds happy. Bamboo Chicken makes sure you would not forget its taste in a while and will definitely leave you asking for more.

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Biryani. This name itself triggers crores of emotions in our tongue. In Nandhana Palace though, these emotions would get a perfect place to let itself out. Cooked to perfection with the spiciest of ingredients, this bowl of flavored rice would make you go crazy about this joint.

nandhana palace

Most importantly, all these items are moderately priced and for the quantity they provide, the price seems reasonable and hence, makes this restaurant extra special.



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