Muthappa Rai’s 2000 Crore Property: Here’s What He Has Written In His 41-Page Will

Earlier in May, reformed underworld don Muthappa Rai passed away at a private hospital in Bengaluru. After his death, there were several rumors regarding who would be the successors of his immense wealth. Rai had reportedly written a 41-page will which states in a detailed way, the distribution of his wealth.

Muthappa’s Rai’s Net Worth

It is said that Muthappa Rai’s wealth amounts to somewhere around Rs 2,000 crores. While in Devanahalli, Yelahanka, and Bidadi, Rai possessed more than 150 acres of land, in Mysuru, Mangalore, and Puttur, the former don was the owner of hundred of sites.


The distribution

Through a Gift Deed, Rai has distributed 600 acres of land between his two sons, Rikki and Rocky. While Rocky will own the land in Mysuru, Mangalore, and Puttur, Rikki will take care of the lands in Yelahanka, Devanahalli, and Bidadi.

While the houses in Bengaluru will go in Rikki’s name, the trading businesses will be taken care of by elder son Rocky. Rai has also written that 20% of his wealth will go to his relatives.

Wealth distributed to his employees too

For 25 workers who had been employed under him for close to 15 years, Rai has allocated one site each and a handful of money. It is said that Rai’s sons are already working towards achieving this.


Rai allocates money to his second wife too

Rai has also allocated a certain part of his wealth for his second wife Anuradha. Along with jewelry and the cars, Anuradha will get the site in HD Kote and the building in Sahakarnagar.

In the will, Rai has urged his sons and followers to not stop the development of the Jai Karnataka movement. He has requested them to improve the unit further.

Source: Public TV