Mundina Nildana Trailer: A Refreshing Attempt That Has Promised Us A Good Time At The Theatres On Nov 29

mundina nildana trailer

Mundina Nildana (The Next Stop) is an upcoming Kannada language musical love-story that is slated to hit the screens on November 29th. While popular host Vinay Bhardwaj has called the shots for this movie, talented actors Praveen Tej, Radhika Narayan and Ananya Kashyap are part of the star-cast.

The movie has been making the right noise in recent weeks and the impressive video song released by the makers has added to the popularity of the movie. Recently, the trailer of the movie made its way to YouTube and here is the impression that this 2 minutes 10 second-video has left on us.


mundina nildana trailer

A Refreshing Attempt!

The trailer of Mundina Nildana has promised us a good time at the theatres at the end of this month. This flick has shades of a breezy Hollywood rom-com imbibed with the culture and characters of our state. This has been suitable aided with a unique attempt by the other technical departments.

The Tale of ‘3 Characters

This movie seems to focus on a ‘triangular’ love-story with three different and colorful characters at the vertices of it. Of course, there is a bit about the professional lives of these three individuals, which further adds an additional layer to the proceedings.

‘Conflict’ seems to arise from the ideological differences between these characters, which is surely a unique way to entertain the audience in front of the big screen.


Music & Visuals

Vinay Bharadwaj has set the standards high by selecting the best men to focus on these two departments. While the songs have already made a mark, the BGM in the trailer is good too.

Bright visuals dominate the majority of the trailer. Landscape and indoors, both have been captured well with an interesting choice of colors.

The brilliant actors

Praveen Tej, Radhika Narayan, and Ananya Kashyap look extremely good looking in the trailer and seem aptly cast for their roles. A word has to be dedicated to their stylists and the costume designers for making them appear refreshing on screen. A cameo role by Dattanna looks interesting.


Watch the Trailer: