10 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss This Kannada Movie Titled Mundina Nildana, Releasing On Nov 29th

mundina nildana trailer

Mundina Niladana is an upcoming Kannada Language movie which has had many across the state waiting for its release date. It’s releasing on November 29th and for Sandalwood movie lovers, it will be yet another strong content-oriented movie for their taking.

On that note, here are 10 reasons why Mundina Nildana is a must-watch movie at the theatres.

A Phenomenal Trailer

The trailer showcased plenty of aspects, which were new to the Kannada cinema. At the same time, all of them triggered an interest amongst the audience to watch the movie at the theatres.

Still having double thoughts? Watch the trailer of Mundina Nildana again on YouTube.

The Extremely Talented Star-Cast

Praveen Tej, Radhika Narayan, and Ananya Kashyap all seem to have been aptly cast for their roles. They also look good on screen and of course, all three are immensely talented too.

mundina nildana trailer

A New-Age Urban Romcom

Urban Love stories wooing to the IT crowd are a rarity in Sandalwood. Here is one movie that has the caliber to fulfill the vacancy and entertain everyone across the state.

Vinay Bharadwaj at the helm

A multifaceted personality that he is, Vinay Bharadwaj is one of the main reasons to watch this movie. He has directed this movie and based on what he has done in the past, we can definitely expect a good effort by Vinay.

Next-Level Visuals

Cinematography impressed us the most in the trailer. Be it the choice of colors or the tone that was employed by the DOP, all of them have guaranteed a visually pleasing experience at the theatres.

A Full-Length song in English

A few words or max, a couple of stanzas. That has been the representation of English words in Kannada songs in our industry. In Mundina Nildana, we have one full song composed in English, thereby becoming the first-ever Kannada movie to have one after Dr. Rakjumar’s ‘If you come today’ that featured a really long time ago.

The amalgamation of several skillsets

A lot of talented individuals have worked to bring out the best output for this movie. Be it Vasuki Vaibhav or for that matter, even Karan Acharya, the makers have gone full throttle in hiring the best talent for their product.

Diversity in Locations

That’s right. The makers have utilized 7 different locations, all very far from each other to convey their story. Hence, we can witness many different locales decorating the proceedings as the ‘Next Stop’ arrives in the movie.

7 Music Directors

Varied tastes & styles have been integrated as 7 Music directors have worked for the movie. The music has already become a smashing hit amongst youngsters and it has also become a fad on TikTok too.

In a daring move, the makers have gone away from the lyrical song concept and released the entire video songs before the release of the movie. All of them are performing brilliantly on YouTube.

A strong technical foundation

KGF Editor Srikanth has worked for the movie while Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment has been hired as the Colorists. The movie’s VFX has been worked on by the same company that created the output of Baahubali.

Mundina Nildana does possess a strong technical base as part of its rooster.  So, book your tickets now and enjoy this weekend with your family and friends.



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