Meet 13-YO Selfie Boy Of Karnataka Origin Who Clicked A Picture With Modi And Trump

source: the newsminute

Howdy Modi hosted by Hoston Texas saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donal Trump coming together showing the world the strong ties between both the nations. The show also witnessed some behind the scene moment where a young boy seems to have clicked the selfie of a lifetime with US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now the report says the boy who clicked a selfie with the world’s strongest leaders happens to be from Karnataka.

The Selfie boy

The Howdy Modi event had an attendance of 50,000 people, who saw Modi and Trump voicing out their mutual interests. Before the two leaders addressed the crowd, Modi and Trump were on their way heading towards the arena. They both were greeted by a group of youngsters dressed in traditional Indian dress. 13-year-old Satvik Hegde was standing at the end of a line dressed in all white, boldly steps forward and request Donald Trump for a Selfie.

A mobile phone in his hand, Sathvik was pleased when both the leaders agreed to step forward for a selfie. Trump puts his hand on Modi’s back and they huddle together for a selfie. A camera crew present in the spot recorded this candid moment and shared it on social media which gained immense popularity.

Sathvik hails from Karnataka 

The report said that Sathvik Hegde’s whole family belonged from Karnataka. His family is from Siddapur (Uttara Kannada) and had moved to San Antonio, Texas 17 years ago. His father, Prabhakar Hegde works for a private company and his mother, Medha, works as a public school teacher.

source: news18

“We understood that he was part of a yoga program but on TV, we could not recognize that it was him. He was doing Surya namaskar in the program held during the day yesterday. We got the selfie on WhatsApp but when we saw it we were surprised,” his uncle Ganesh said.



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