‘Masterpiece On Celluloid’ : Twittter Gives ’83’ A Big Thumbs Up On The Release Day

The much awaited film starring Ranveer- Deepika as Kapil Dev and Romi in 83 is finally out today! This film was released after making its audience wait for more than one and a half years. The Kabir Khan film is a recreation of India’s iconic victory at the 1983 World Cup, an achievement that proved to be a turning point in the history of Indian sports. For those who were not born at the time, this film is a chance to experience those moments of sheer pride again, with an added tadka of a dash of drama by the creators.

First Day Reviews Receives A Big Thumbs Up

Many watched the ‘First Day, First Show’ of the film, and the reactions started pouring in immediately for the much awaited film. The reactions suggest that this Ranveer Singh-starer is the actor’s finest performance till date. However, some also found a few flaws in the film.



While Some Complained After Finding Loopholes


This film will definitely boost the credibility of bollywood as it is deteriorating each following day. The impersonation of Kapil Dev by Ranbir Singh is one of the attractive versions which the fans have highlighted the most!