Anupam Kher Welcomes Kapil Dev To The ‘Baldies Club’ With An Adorable Tweet

Source: Crictracker

While the entire country is locked inside their homes, people are trying various means to entertain themselves. For the celebrities though, they are responsible to keep their fans entertained too, during the lockdown.

A few days ago, Indian Captain Virat Kohli initiated the #TrimAtHome Challenge to keep the fans of the game busy. With saloons closed as well, the challenge seemed realistic and relevant. Even batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar took a trim at home a couple of days ago.


The latest entrant to this list is 1983 World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev. The legendary all-rounder has shaved his head and has given himself a brand new look.

Kapil Dev goes bald

The ‘Harayana Hurricane’ has given his head a shave, offering a look, which none of us so far have seen. Kapil chose to keep his beard intact, thereby giving the ‘Thug’ and ‘Gangster’ look. The salt-and-pepper beard added to the freshness of the look.

His colleague and former cricketer Chethan Sharma shared the photographs, which very soon started trending on social media.


Here is Kapil Dev’s new look

Actor Anupam Kher posts an adorable message

Welcoming Kapil Dev to the group of ‘baldies’, senior actor Anupam Kher posted an adorable message on his twitter handle. Here is the tweet for you:

 “So my dear friend @therealkapildev has also gone bald, fashionably also referred to as “shaved”. I have always said that there are two kinds of men in this world – Baldies and Future Baldies. Welcome to the club, Sir!! गंजो की महफ़िल में आपका “बालों रहित” स्वागत है।

Kher’s tweet has also gone viral and is trending across multiple platforms.