Mamata Banerjee Meets Javed Akhtar, Asks Him to Compose Song on ‘Khela Hobe’

It was Narendra Modi in 2014, who urged for a MODIFIED India and yet he was able to achieve it; 7 years later his dearest DIDi Mamtaji is on a Bharat Darshan with a sole purpose of creating a ‘Didi cry’ or ‘Khela hobe’ all across the country before the 2024 general elections. Well,she does say that her motive is to create a united opposition, but her intentions seem much beyond this very motive.

Mamta Banerjee began her Delhi darshan on July 29 and met many prominent politicians, MP’s and chief ministers of the country and proposed her request for a united opposition against the current government and hopes to build a strong alliance that can gradually dethrone the mighty saffron party in the centre. She calls it a progressive step before a big “Change” and revival of democracy in India.


Mamta meets Javed Sahab

On her five day visit to the national capital, Mamta landed at famous lyricist and poet Javed Akhtar’s residence and discussed the need for “parivartan” (transformation), Akhtar’s wife Shaban Azmi was also present in the meet and the trio spent some time together.

About the meeting, Akhtar responded that it was courteous and he was thankful to Didi for her time and amending the Royalty bill which benefited many composers and singers. When he was asked about Didi’s motive of parivartan  Akhtar replied;”I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe there should be ‘parivartan’. There are many tensions in the country right now, there is the issue of polarization, there are incidents of violence. It’s a shame that Delhi witnessed communal riots. These things should not happen.”

Javed acknowledged Khela Hobe

Asked to comment on the now-viral slogan of “Khela Hobe [the game is on]”, Akhtar said that the slogan did not need any endorsement anymore. It is beyond any discussion now.”


Banerjee, who was standing silently as Akhtar spoke, quipped, “Khela hobe se aapko ek gaan banana hai [you have to compose a song on khela hobe].”She openly asked Akhtar for this song and proved her intention was real towards the centre.

Mamta met many leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, DMK MP Kanimozhi and Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal, hoping that she could build a giant alliance and win the central seat the same way she cast her monopoly in the West Bengal elections.