Exit Poll Results 2019: Over 300 Seats For NDA; Most Polls Predict Narendra Modi For 2nd Term

exit poll 2019

India is done with its voting for Loksabha elections 2019. After a vigorous and intense battle fought over 38 days, the Loksabha election is nearing to its end. In context to the end of voting in 59 seats in the seventh phase of polling, here come the exit poll results of the Loksabha elections 2019.

Continue reading to know the highlights of Exit Poll Results Of Loksabha Elections 2019.

Exit polls say NDA leads Congress-JD(S) in Karnataka

In the last general election, the BJP had won 17 out of 28 seats in Karnataka. On the other hand, Congress got nine and JD (s) two in the triangular contest. In the Exit polls 2019, The India Today-Axis poll has given NDA 21-25 seats, while the ruling coalition (Congress – JDS), 3-6 seats.

exit poll 2019
Courtesy: India Today

Exit Polls Predict Return of NDA

In the seventh phase and final phase of LS election 2019, nearly 61% of voters turned out to cast their vote on Sunday. The destiny of 918 candidates including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is looking to retain the Varanasi seat in UP will be decided in this phase.

Here are the exit poll predictions by television channels. After the EC mandated half an hour gap, TV channels are airing exit polls.

Times Now:

DA 306
UPA 132
Others 104

India News:

NDA 298
UPA 118
Others 127


NDA 295 -315
UPA 122-125
Others 102-125


NDA 300
UPA 127
Others 115

News 18:

NDA 292-312
UPA 62-72

ABP – Neilsen:

NDA 267
UPA 127
Others 148

The exit polls are based on responses of the people who have cast their votes. They are known to be off the mark at times. Pollsters predict the results much before the actual counting of votes, assuming the voters have correctly revealed their choice.

What’s Happening on Twitter?

As soon as the exit poll results announced, people and media houses took it to Twitter to share their predictions and thoughts. Here are a few of them.

So, what do you think about these exit poll predictions? Please share your views in the comments below.



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