Today’s Chanakya: What Works Behind Almost 100% Accurate Predictions Of Elections In India!

Today's Chanakya

In the last more than a decade with the electronics and digital media becoming highly popular the importance of exit polls have also increased for the media as it automatically takes the viewership to a new high.

Election results of 23rd May clearly indicated that the predictions of most of the exit polls were somewhere near to the result. But Today’s Chanakya, the public polling research company was the closest and has always been near-to-accurate while predicting its results.


Today’s Chanakya – Leading Political/Public Policy Research Agency In India

The leading public opinion polling company has been conducting public policy, political, and public affairs results since 1995. Today’s Chanakya has continuously given fantastic analysis since its inception.

Importantly all the predictions from the company are unbiased. Irrespective of whether the projections are for regional, state or national elections, the research agency has always given a clear cut indication of the situation.   

All the projections are nonpartisan and based on relevant data and analysis of the public opinions, existing trends, and attitudes that are shaping the scenario in the country and on the international front. The agency also takes into consideration the impact of government policies on the public and accordingly come up with the analysis.


Working In Partnership For Accuracy

The agency partners with various national policymakers, NGO’s, government institutions, media houses, and corporate organizations to get detailed and the most accurate data

Today’s Chanakya develops and implements innovative research strategies and methodologies to meet the needs of the nominated candidates and their respective constituencies. This information helps the candidates to come up with a winning formula that includes actionable ideas so that they can convincingly beat the competitors.

The political and public analysis is a dynamic field where each constituency is different. That is why Today’s Chanakya also has a different and unique approach to each constituency. The field workers aggressively dig out all the information so that the clients of the company can use it to promote their interests, achievements, and goals to the optimal level.


The company offers strategic analysis as well as tactical recommendations on the basis of its findings. The services offered by Today’s Chanakya include:

  • Political Survey
  • Election campaign management
  • Campaign support
  • Public opinion creation
  • Pre-poll
  • Constituency profiling
  • Tracking poll
  • Exit poll
  • Candidate/ political party positioning
  • Increase voter awareness & support