10 Life Lessons from The Great Abdul Kalam That Can Really Help You Achieve More And Grow Better

life lessons from abdul kalam

The late President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam died on July 27th, 2015. The legendary scientist who served as the backbone for India’s success as a major nuclear power in the world is revered by one and all for his ideologies, simplicity, and intelligence. Here are the top 10 life lessons from Abdul Kalam that can help you achieve more and grow into a better person:

You Should Dream To Succeed

Dr. Kalam believed that to make sure that your dreams come true, you need to have dreams, see dreams first. However, impossible the dream may be, but when you dream it you can make it possible. The legendary scientist claimed that the first thing is to possess a dream.

2. Significance Of Three Key Players In Society

Dr. Kalam believed in the significant contribution from the three key members of the society, viz. mother, father, and a teacher. He believed that these people have a major role to play in developing a positive and growth-supportive atmosphere in the nation. Dr. Kalam claimed that India can become a nation with beautiful minds only if all these three members played their part correctly.

life lessons from abdul kalam

3. Be Courageous, Think Differently

One of the biggest life lessons from Abdul Kalam is that you must be courageous enough to think differently. The erstwhile Indian President with his talks and achievements inspired a generation of young Indians. According to him, you must think differently and should be courageous enough to travel on the unexplored path, to invent and to discover how impossible can be made possible. He believed that you must have the courage to overcome problems.

4. Single-Minded Devotion

Dr. Kalam had great faith in Indians and wanted his fellow countrymen and women to direct their single-minded devotion to their goals. He believed that devotion is the mantra to achieving success.

life lessons from abdul kalam

5. Passion And Vision

Dr. Kalam had a wonderful way of defining a leader. He claimed that a person who has a vision and passion and is not afraid of obstacles that come his way is the leader. Kalam believed that only a person who knows how to overcome obstacles in his life can become a leader.

6. Enjoying Difficulties

According to the late President, the only thing that can help you to succeed after continuous failure is the ability to never give up. The writer of “Wings of Freedom” said that failure and difficulties help one to enjoy the true fruits of labors.

life lessons from abdul kalam

7. Whole Universe Is With You

Unlike what everyone believes that each one has to walk on his path alone, Dr. Abdul Kalam believed that no one is lonely or alone. Rather the whole universe is there to help those who work hard and dare to dream.

8. Great Dreams Find Their Way

Dr. Abdul Kalam himself was a big dreamer and hence claimed that great dreams always find their way to become real.

life lessons from abdul kalam

9. Build Great Today For Better Tomorrow

Dr. Kalam always dreamt of building a better future. He always said that you must sacrifice today so that the children of India can have a better tomorrow.

10. God Helps Those Who Work Hard

Dr. Kalam stated that those who work hard, God helps them. He believed that anyone who is headstrong and relentlessly pursues his goal without brooding about life gets help from the divinity.

life lessons from abdul kalam

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