#LeaveBengaluru Is Trending On Twitter As Natives Slammed Migrants

Hashtag Leave Bengaluru trended on Twitter when ‘natives’ of the city slammed the ‘migrants’ for criticizing the water-logged city.


Bengaluru witnessed severe waterlogging that troubled several parts of the city, top business executives were commuting on tractors and boats with families to their safety. Luxury cars and vehicles were submerged and people had to exit leaving behind their belongings as water gushed into their residences. Amid such chaos and inconvenience, #LeaveBengaluru started trending on Twitter on Thursday.


Considered the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bengaluru houses multiple migrants who come from different parts of the country. However, ‘locals’ have pointed out that ‘migrants’ who have come to the city in ‘search of shelter, food, job’ should not denounce the city. They have elevated their claim and said that migrants should leave the city if ‘they have a problem’.

There were several tweets that emerged on both Wednesday and Thursday with the hashtags Leave Bengaluru, Get Lost Migrants. One user wrote “Listen migrates,your inside Bengaluru to earn your bread and butter,just complete your work and get lost. Your no one to slash Bengaluru even if you pay taxes.”

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